International award for fabulous elegance

09 of December '21

Apartment like a fairy tale

Each year, the jury of the European Property Awards international competition (it's the European part of the prestigious International Property Awards, which dates back to 1993) awards the best architectural, interior design projects from all over Europe. This year, a Polish studio also appeared among the awarded projects.

Warsaw-based Modeko.Studio designed a two-level apartment in Warsaw's Powiśle district. Today we already have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of this unusual interior, awarded by the international chapter. We invite you to the apartment FAIRYTALE ELEGANCE.

Combining the old fabric of the city with modern architecture is a hallmark of Warsaw's Powiśle district. That's where the award-winning apartment is located in a historic 100-year-old building with three contemporary floors added.

exceptional views

The two-story, nearly eighty-meter interior of the Modeko.Studio project is located in the contemporary part of the building. An unquestionable advantage of the apartment is its two terraces, which offer exceptional views of the urban gardens on the roof of the University Library.

Widokz sypialni.

The view from the bedroom.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

The investor wanted the apartment to have an unconventional interior that would harmonize with her style and temperament. Before Modeko.Studio got to work, the apartment was furnished in developer standard.

The starting point for the architects was to get to know the character of the owner herself. She is a young fashion designer who loves to combine fabrics of different textures and patterns. So they decided to use a varied color scheme oscillating in the classic color palette, different kinds of fabrics, stylish, artistic accessories leaning towards feminine aesthetics and plants that add freshness to the interior. The creators supplemented the project with original stone - terrazzo/tarazzo - exceptionally fashionable this season.

ideal layout

On the upper level you will find a conveniently designed entrance area, which splits to two sides - the kitchen and the living room. Downstairs is the private part of the owner, which is accessed by a staircase, there is located a bedroom with a space for work, a dressing room, a bathroom and a laundry room with a utility room.

Różowa sypialnia

A pink bedroom.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

enter the land of beauty

We can feel the warm, feminine atmosphere as soon as we cross the threshold of the apartment. This unique atmosphere was achieved primarily through the use of veneered furniture fronts in natural oak color. In front of the front door there is a surprising openwork wall made of MDF and varnished in gold. It is connected to the glass part of the balustrade and framed by black aluminum frames. It separates the entrance area from the staircase leading to the private part of the apartment. The motif of black lines and frames can also be seen in the interior in the form of window frames, decorative elements in the living room and bedroom, and black skirting boards. Capacious cabinets in the hall conceal practical storage space. An alcove with a seating area has been integrated into the built-ins. Upholstery fabric warms the hall, and a mirror - deep in the recess - optically enlarges the space.

Okrągłe lustrooptycznie powiększa przestrzeń.

The round mirror optically enlarges the space.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

In the reflection of the huge round mirror in a steel frame, hung on the wall above the stairs, we see a preview of the interior color scheme: powder soft pink, unobvious green and gold.

a touch of vintage in the kitchen

Theoak cabinetry of the lobby flows gracefully into the row of kitchen cabinets, adding a touch of white. The small kitchen is arranged so functionally that the room also has room for a round table for four. The colorful terrazzo, however, determines the final atmosphere in the kitchen and protects the wall between the countertop and wall cabinets from dirt.

Nieduża kuchnia jesturządzona tak funkcjonalnie, że w pomieszczeniu znalazło się miejsce na okrągły stół dla czterech osób.

The small kitchen is arranged so functionally that the room has room for a round table for four people.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

For the vintage style, which in the interior of the kitchen has already signaled terrazzo, the architects proposed the famous lamp, an icon of Scandinavian design - PH 5 designed by Poul Henningsen for the Louis Poulsen brand. At the table stood chairs from two Polish brands known for their excellent chair designs - Iker and Fameg. Their varied upholstery plays with the curtains in the window. An interesting treatment is the variety of fabrics, which together create an intriguing composition of colors and textures.

Relaxation surrounded by art

Opposite the kitchen is located the living room. Its interior is flooded with natural light, the shape is obliged by a dynamic slanted glass wall, and the color scheme is clad on the facade of the building, which is perfectly visible from all sides of the living room.

The entire decor of the room is very subdued, conducive to relaxation, tranquility. Art plays an important role here. Dorota Buczkowska's paintings, seductive in color, hang on the walls, while artistic ceramics by Malwina Konopacka and sculpture by Piotr Lorka from the NAP showroom have been placed on the windowsills and cabinets.

Okrągły dywan
podkreśla strefę wypoczynkową. Klasyk designu, fotel RM58
projektu Romana Modzelewskiego

Additions in the living room.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

The faded green of the expansive corner blends with the turquoise of the elevation and decorative accessories in the form of pillows from the NAP showroom. The custom-made steel cabinet in the shade of plum eel is also an interesting color combination.

Gold accessories undoubtedly add elegance here - pillows, trays and, above all, standing lamps placed on two sides of the corner. By the window stands De-Lux B8 gold, designed by G. Ponti for Tato Italia. The other end of the sofa is illuminated by the Ruben brass model by Markslöjd. Both were purchased from the Yestersen showroom. They correspond with the lighting and the openwork panel in the lobby. The circular rug highlighting the lounge area, meanwhile, repeats the circular motif that appears in the staircase as a giant mirror cut in half.


Living room.

Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki © Modeko.Studio

The aforementioned experimentation with textures can also be seen here. Felt pouffe, fleshy carpet, upholstery of a Polish design classic - RM58 armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski and purchased at Euform, flowing curtains and wall covering create, as in the kitchen, an intriguing composition of fabrics, warming the interior.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:pracownie} page on thePdD portal.

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