"I don't recognize any trends in architectural design." Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka in the series "10 questions to an interior designer".

09 of November '22

"10 Questions to an Interior Architect" is a new series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka talks about her approach to design.

Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka - IARP architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Poznan University of Technology. She studied at Via University College in Denmark. In 2016 she founded the Ktura Architekci studio in Poznań. She designs residential and single-family architecture. Houses are her greatest passion.

1 For me, home is.

A peaceful and personal space. It is a refuge to which we want to return every day, finding solace.

2.The key to a successful interior design is....

Constant conversation and sincere contact with the client and creating the interior together with him. A detailed interview, but also observing his behavior, the house he lives in, getting to know him. A successful project is not a problem. A successful implementation is a success. This is what the client is waiting for and what the architect is striving for. This is only possible if the architect is present until the end.

3 I look for inspiration....

I never look for them. Nonstop I look and see. The environment and people give me daily, endless inspiration. When I walk into a new space I'm supposed to design, or when I make a site inspection of the plot of land I'm supposed to build a house on, or when I look at a projection of a building I'm supposed to remodel, I see solutions very quickly. Sometimes I need a short conversation with the client, a moment to hang out there and ramble. Once I have the design in my head, there is no force that will change it. This makes it very easy for me to continue working.

Once I had an interesting situation with a Client. He didn't like my proposal to remodel his house. Of course, he totally did not expect it to look like this. As is usually the case, he had his idea. I was very confident in this project and knew that it was definitely the best solution. Functional, architectural, cost, but most importantly, it fully responded to the guidelines and functional program. The client was adamant. So, we returned to the starting point and I went through the entire design journey with him once again from the beginning. A little slower and calmer, analyzing each step. Weeks passed, meetings were held, until we almost reached the end of the conceptual design with a sense of satisfaction in the Client. At the last meeting, I pulled my first draft out of the drawer. It became the final one. And so the further stage of work on this project went smoothly. I can admit that this project had a big impact on my further professional work.

4 In cooperation with the investor the most important thing is....

Absolute trust in the architect during the entire design and implementation process, from the first dash to the end of implementation. Without this, it is a waste of time and a battle with windmills.

5. my favorite design style is....

This question stopped me in my tracks. I don't know. Others would say simply mine. Somehow it probably is. I don't think about it and probably don't want to define or name it. I like to stay in interiors that are heavily minimalist and industrial, but also eclectic and art deco. I always find myself there, although you won't find that in my designs. I am not at all fond of vintage and boho.

6. the most valuable object in my home is....

Lamps and mocktails of my designs.

7. the most common mistake I make when doing interior design on my own is....

Independent interior design. And seriously. Looking at rooms as separate spaces. Lack of consistent design decisions and choices. Insightful observation of the interiors of others. Unfortunately, it's a common mistake to consult a third party on a project while it's still in the works, even if you use an architect. This is the greatest harm you can do to your space and yourself throughout the design and construction process.

8 My favorite material is.

Anything that is white. I don't have one favorite material. For that I really like to juxtapose and differentiate them. I like materials that are sensory. Those that I can touch. Those located in such places that this contact is inevitable. Materials that stimulate the senses. I like textures and structures. I like high gloss and deep matte, wood and chrome, heat and cold. I guess it is the material that is the most interesting detail of interior design for me.

9. trend that I would like to see pass away already is....

I definitely do not recognize any trends in architectural design. It is an evil that cripples the perception of architecture and space. The greatest value of architecture for me is how it ages. Any trends and fashions interfere with that. When a client asks me what is fashionable now I either answer, "I don't know," or run away.

10 I would like to live in... one day.

One year in Katowice and one year in New York.

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