Small kingdom - how to decorate a teenager's room?

11 of July '22

A room of one's own is the asylum of every teenager. It combines an office, bedroom and living room. In addition, it should reflect her taste and interests. So how to create a functional and stylish teenage room?

Neutralne barwy warto przełamać delikatnym różem

Neutral colors should be broken with delicate pink


Study corner

The desk is the most essential element of a teenager's room. It is at it that the teenager will study, do homework, but also read books or use the computer. The key issue in designing the work area is comfort. The desk should be adjusted to the child's height. The average teenager measures about 160 - 170 cm in height, so the desk should be at least 70 cm high and 140 cm wide. However, it is worth remembering that these needs will change over time. So it is worth considering a desk with adjustable height. Next, choose a chair or chair for the desk. The most popular are swivel models. They provide comfort and functionality, as well as good spinal support. Another important consideration is lighting. It is best to place the desk next to a source of natural light that puts the least strain on the eyes. In the evening, a desk lamp comes to your aid. Choose a model with adjustable height and lighting plane. Above the desk it is worth placing a cork board or a metal grid. Such an organizer will be a great place to put your timetable, notes, ideas and photos and decorations. This will keep all important trinkets organized and always in a visible place. The study corner should also be equipped with a pedestal under the desk , as well as binders and boxes in which the teenager will accommodate all the necessary trinkets.

Ergonomiczne biurko zapewni dziecku wygodne miejsce do nauki

An ergonomic desk will provide your child with a comfortable place to study

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Relaxation zone

A room of one's own is a place for relaxation. To create a cozy space, choose a comfortable bed. Depending on the space, you can insert a bed with dimensions: 90x200 cm or 120x200 cm. Remember to choose a decent mattress. It determines the comfort of the bed. Let your kid choose the style of the headrest. Especially popular are models with upholstered velour headrest. You can take advantage of the space under the bed by placing a bedding container there. Meanwhile, the textiles themselves should be soft and made of natural materials. Colorful bedding is also a great way to liven up the decoration. Blankets, plaids and pillows with interesting pillowcases will complete the styling. If you have a very small space, a folding bed is the solution. During the day it can transform into a comfortable sofa. If you want to save even more space, choose a bunk bed. Under it you can arrange a study area. Also remember to separate an area for meeting with peers. Here down poufs and a small coffee table will be perfect.

Ciekawe poduszki ożywią stylizację

Interesting pillows will enliven the styling

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In style

Boho style invariably remains one of the most popular interior design trends. It is no different in the case of a teenager's room. A casual, travel-inspired boho style will work perfectly in the room of a girl dreaming of distant expeditions. This arrangement is ideal for free souls and dreamers. It is based on natural materials and colors. So bet on white and earth colors, as well as wood, wicker and rattan. You can complement the whole with pillows with Aztec patterns, macatas, macramé and dream catchers. A romantic canopy will also be an interesting element. The most girly style is undoubtedly glamour. It is based on elegance. So choose velvet upholstered furniture, especially in pastel shades. Add to it designer gadgets. Ideally, the accessories should shine. You can bet on gold or crystals and glitter. An arrangement based on one expressive color, such as pink, complemented by a subdued palette of white and gray, will look most effective. For fans of more subdued arrangements, Scandinavian style will be ideal. Natural, calm, harmonious. It will create the perfect place for study and relaxation. Use a neutral color palette - white, gray beige and powder pink. A Scandinavian teenager's room will be perfectly complemented by a fluffy rug, a soft bedspread and green plants.

Aby urozmaicić pokój a stylu skandynawskim, dodaj do palety kolorystycznej pudrowy róż

To spice up a room a Scandinavian style, add powder pink to the color palette

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Individual character

Every teenager wants her room to look unique. After all, this is a time of experimentation and searching for oneself. This is also reflected in the interior design. The room should reflect her personality and interests. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the arrangement as a joint project and browse the inspirations on the Internet together. Think of a theme together. The wall can be decorated with a wall mural referring to the teenager's passions or posters of her favorite movies and bands. Photos with friends and favorite quotes will give the interior an authorial touch. Perhaps your daughter loves to read books? Turn her room into a small library by inserting capacious bookcases. If your teenager is interested in fashion and makeup, stock her room with a beautiful dressing table. A mirror in a decorative frame will also give the interior an original character. In addition, it will optically enlarge the space. You can also create a collage of several smaller pieces. Finally, do not forget about lighting! Lamps and candles and other luminous elements will give a stylish character and warm up the interior. Light chains placed near the bed will look especially charming.

Oryginalne dekoracje ścienne nadadzą wnętrzu osobistego charakteru Łańcuchy świetlne umieszczone w pobliżu łóżka nadadzą przytulnego charakteru

Light chains placed near the bed will add a cozy touch

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