Living area divided by color

14 of November '23
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  1. The author of the project is Małgorzata Wojtyczka.
  2. The investors wanted color to be the keynote of the project.
  3. The architect separated the different parts of the living area by using diffrent colors.
  4. Blue built-ins were complemented with copper accessories.
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Previously, we have already presented a bold bathroom arrangement made by Małgorzata Wojtyczka. Today we take a look at the living area of a semi-detached house in Wrocław.

Inwestorom zależało na aranżacji opartej o kolor

The investors wanted an arrangement to be based on color

Photo: Mood Authors

First of all, color

Thanks to its location on the outskirts of the city, the house has a large garden, which is an "extension" of the living room. As a result, the interior is beautifully lit. The investors wanted color to be the keynote of the project. Thus, Małgorzata Wojtyczka created an arrangement that feels like spring all year round. The owners also wanted to create an open living area in which the living room would be connected to the kitchen and there will also be a place for a table. At the same time, the different zones were to be clearly separated. So the architect worked with color. Each part of the living area is dominated by a different one.

Architektka użyła miedzianych dekoracji Kuchenny półwysep ma ryflowaną podstawę

The kitchen peninsula has a fluted base

Photo: Mood Authors

Pastel kitchen

The heart of the house is the kitchen located on the first floor. It catches the eye with the unusual for this place blue color of the built-in. The architect complemented it with copper elements, which further enhance this color. The decoration of the area above the countertop is made with original geometric tiles. And on the peninsula, that is already visible from the living room, there is a fluted base also in blue.

Błękitna zabudowa została uzupełniona miedzianymi dodatkami Błękit zabudowy jest głównym punktem aranżacji kuchni

The blue cabinetry was complemented with copper accessories

Photo: Mood Authors

With pets in mind

In the hallway that leads to the living room, a hidden closet was designed. Round openings were created in it. They are intended for furry residents. That way it was possible to cleverly hide the litter boxes.

- The blue kitchen and the general richness of color of this interior were the main guidelines from the clients. I can't hide the fact that I was very happy to receive such a proposal, the rest was
left in my hands - describes Małgorzata Wojtyczka.

Szafa w korytarzu skrywa kuwety Inwestorom zależało na wygospodarowaniu miejsca na stół

The investors were keen to set aside space for a table

Photo: Mood Authors

References to the past

In the living room we can observe vintage style inspirations. The chest of drawers, renovated by the investors, found a place on the wall decorated with a modern interpretation of wainscoting. The living room is complemented by a mustard sofa, which blends well with the green and blue. It works as a kind of link between the living room and the kitchen. Floor is covered with vinyl panels arranged in the investors' favorite pattern - herringbone.

Musztardowa kanapa łączy strefę salonu z kuchnią

A mustard sofa connects the living room with the kitchen

Photo: Mood Authors

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