Living area with a musical touch

04 of December '23
w skrócie
  1. The interior design was created by Małgorzata Staniek of the Marbou studio.
  2. The house is located near Cracow.
  3. In the middle of the living room stands a piano.
  4. In the kitchen, the attention is drawn to the azure tiled stove.
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The interiors of this spacious house, located in one of the villages near Cracow, were designed by Małgorzata Staniek, owner of the Marbou studio. A neat blend of old and new creates a timeless space.

Subdued base and colorful elements

The living room is kept in a subdued gray color scheme, which is enlivened by stronger touches of navy blue and pink. Relaxing in this part of the house, one can enjoy a beautiful view of Cracow. The focal point of the living area is a large, very comfortable, yet light-looking modular sofa. It is accompanied by tables made of oak wood. The whole composition is complemented by an intriguing wallpaper with a floral motif, framed by stucco. The subtle background of the living room is created by a white tiled fireplace.

Tapeta została oprawiona sztukaterią

The wallpaper has been framed with stucco

Photo by Karol Kleszyk PROMO FOCUS © Cosentino

In the upper part of the living room, attention is drawn to the classic bookcase and the wooden ceiling. These elements warm up the interior and give it a cozy feel. Małgorzata Staniek had to adjust the rest of the arrangement solutions in the house to these elements. She juxtaposed them with modern furniture, giving the whole an eclectic atmosphere. A space for a piano and a relaxation area was also adopted here. Set in the middle of the living room, the instrument brings an artistic atmosphere to the orderly living room. Stylish gold chandeliers are an interesting counterpoint to the wood ceiling.

Fortepian nadaje przestrzeni artystycznego klimatu

The piano gives the space an artistic atmosphere

Photo by Karol Kleszyk PROMO FOCUS © Cosentino

A touch of classic

The modern kitchen seamlessly connects the living room with the dining room. Its heart is a comfortable island made of dark wood and large-format tiles. The delicate, decorative veins of this marble-like surface form a harmonious whole with the white kitchen cabinetry. The island can also be a place for dining thanks to the placement of three navy blue chairs with gold trim. Investors had an interesting idea. They wanted to have a bread tiled stove here. The architect decided to highlight it with an azure color.

W kuchni znajduje się lazurowy piec

The kitchen features an azure bread tiled stove

Photo by Karol Kleszyk PROMO FOCUS © Cosentino

The owner wanted to have a large round dining table in the dining room. Its top was made of the same material that appears on the kitchen island. It can also be found on the back of the glass display case. Analogous to the stove in the kitchen, its classic form and lavender color make the piece of furniture a bold decorative element of the space.

Lawendowa gablotka dodaje przestrzeni klasycznego uroku

The lavender display case adds classic charm to the space

Photo by Karol Kleszyk PROMO FOCUS © Cosentino

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