A marriage of glamour and toning!

28 of April '22

Combination of glamour with echoes of modernism? Is such a marriage even possible? The difference in opinions and needs of the investors led to an exceptionally interesting arrangement, which was undertaken by Piotr Lucyan of Art "Up Interiors studio.

wnętrza w tej realizacji są naprawde różnorodne

The interiors in this realization are really diverse

Photo: Katarzyna Ładczuk - Ład Studio, © Art'Up Interiors

The apartment, located in Warsaw's Mokotów district, is a space ideal for a couple with a child. The apartment has room for a living space with a living room dining room and kitchen, and a private area with a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, children's room and laundry room. Little changes have been made to the interior.

Only the study adjacent to the living room was turned into a dining annex, and the toilet, enlarged at the expense of slightly depleting the guest room, became a comfortable bathroom for the master of the house," recalls Piotr Lucyan, the interior designer.

A marriage of styles

The interior is primarily unusual and delicate combinations of Mid-Century Modern style and design typical of the modernism period. Simple solutions are decorated with delicate accents in many places.

The lady loves modernity in the most striking forms. She likes mirrored or lacquered furniture. On the floors she would love to see elegant stones or polished sinters. You, on the other hand, are close to a more restrained elegance with a high proportion of natural materials, led by wood. So the biggest challenge I had to overcome here was to find a compromise between such different aesthetics," says designer Piotr Lucyan.

The living room is dominated by a sofa

Photo: Katarzyna Ładczuk - Ład Studio, © Art'Up Interiors

common space, or living room

In the living room, the dominant element is a light-gray sofa of large size Opposite it was placed a RTV cabinet specially designed for this interior. Next to it was placed a unique openwork bookcase in a gray color scheme. American walnut was decided on the floor.

Next to the living room, a small dining room was chosen, where the dominant point is a unique table with a top imitating marble. The lamp composed of Pakistani onyx tiles is also unique. Next to it, a unique wooden and metal sideboard was decided.

w jadalni przykuwa wzrok przede wszystkim onyksowa lampa

In the dining room, the main eye-catcher is the onyx lamp

photo by Katarzyna Ładczuk - Ład Studio, © Art'Up Interiors

kitchen full of white

The color that dominates the kitchen is white. Granite countertops and fronts were used here. Handles and all functional elements are practically invisible. They have been replaced by electric handles, which are not visible to users. The kitchen was separated by a small island in navy blue.

biała kolorystyka kuchni została przełamana przez granatową wyspę

The white color scheme of the kitchen was broken by a navy blue island

Photo by Katarzyna Ładczuk - Ład Studio, © Art'Up Interiors

Private master zone

Part of the house was to create a private space that would become a sanctuary of tranquility. It is a space with a wider color palette and a more baroque feel. Which is best seen in the furniture used in the bedroom space. The bathroom was arranged in a unique way, where large-format quartz sinters imitating marble were used. It is difficult to mistake this rich interior for anything else.

toaleta ma charakter niemal surrealistyczny

The toilet has an almost surreal character

Photo by Katarzyna Ładczuk - Ład Studio, © Art'Up Interiors

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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