Mini pantry. How to arrange it?

19 of August '22

Not only owners of large single-family homes with spacious kitchens can afford to create a special area for food storage. Even a few shelves for storing preserves in the kitchen can become a small home pantry.

Nie musisz posiadać osobnego pomieszczenia, aby stworzyć spiżarnię

You do not need to have a separate room to create a pantry


Where to designate a food storage area?

Not having a separate room just for food does not preclude having a functional pantry. We can arrange the kitchen space in such a way that we can fit a lot of things in a few cabinets. A great place to create a mini pantry is an alcove in the kitchen. This way, even in a small space, we gain a lot of shelves and drawers for organizing kitchen appliances and food supplies. What's more, such a solution allows us to use a space that would usually be empty. In addition, the pantry in the built-in cabinet looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. Particularly good looks a built-in cabinet made in a uniform color matched to the shade of the kitchen building. Then the whole looks consistent, and the kitchen is dominated by order and tidiness. Making a built-in pantry is best entrusted to professionals. However, if you want to make a built-in pantry yourself, choose custom-made furniture.

Szafka w zabudowie jest idealnym miejscem na mini spiżarnię Meble w spiżarni muszą być odporne na wilgoć

A built-in cabinet is the perfect place for a mini pantry


What kind of pantry furniture to choose?

Furniture for the pantry should be made of moisture-resistant materials. Plastic or well-protected wood will work best here. Such shelves are also easy to keep clean or. We can also choose steel shelves, but then it is necessary to protect the metal from rusting. It is also necessary to pay attention to the type of products stored on steel shelves. This is because metal reacts with acidic articles, giving off harmful substances. Therefore, let's place sealed jars or ceramic dishes on them, rather than dried or fresh fruits and vegetables. It is best to bet on both full and open shelves. The former will hide jars of preserves and containers of food. Open shelves, on the other hand, constructed of slats, will provide good ventilation for the fresh produce on them. Shelves intended for storing food products should be equipped with accessories that make it easier to maintain order , such as wicker baskets, ceramic pots andglass jars.

Plastikowe pojemniki ułatwią organizację produktów

Plastic containers will make it easier to organize products


Modern storage systems

Narrow cabinets are best equipped with cargo systems. A packaged cargo opens like a refrigerator and includes shelves both inside the cabinet and on its doors. The shelves tucked inside the cabinet slide out further when the cabinet is opened, to make it easier to access anything tucked further and deeper. Cargoes can also be combined to create spacious systems. With these solutions, all kitchen products will be in sight. They provide a clear view from both sides of the cabinet contents. Thanks to the accessibility of the products from each side, without having to take out and rearrange boxes to get to the one needed at a given moment, we will not waste valuable time during daily cooking. In addition, the exhaust hoods available on the market allow us to manage even very narrow niches with a width of 15 cm. Such systems are also usually easy to install.

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Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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