Minimalist apartment in Poznań's Wilda district

14 of February '23

Anna Wajda- Szczęsna of Wajda Studio was given a challenging task. The architect was to design a modern apartment that would at the same time fit in with the surrounding historic townhouses. The result? Check it out for yourself!

Mieszkanie projektu Anny Wajdy-Szczęsnej

Apartment designed by Anna Wajda-Szczęsna

Photo: Natalia Mańczak

Climatic neighborhood

A modern multifamily building has been built near the Wildecki market, which perfectly fits in with the architecture of the neighborhood. As in the presented apartment, two worlds clash in it - minimalism and the style of tenement houses. The 35 sqm apartment was designed with the owner's visiting guests in mind.

Aneks kuchenny Stół z krzesłami jest centralnym punktem mieszkania

A table with chairs is the central point of the apartment

Photo: Natalia Manczak

Decorative living area

A complete contrast to the hallway is the living room connected to the kitchenette and dining room. There, detailing, wall stucco and a multitude of forms and textures take the lead. On the floor you will find wood laid in a French herringbone pattern in bleached oak. The architect redesigned the kitchen layout proposed by the developer. This resulted in two contrasting furniture units. One of them blends into the plane of the wall, while the other is an elegant piece of furniture highlighted with stucco and a remarkable mirror plinth. The use of a mirror makes the low kitchen unit appear to float above the floor. The focal point of the apartment is a round table, above which there is an original lamp. To create a contrast with the rest of the room decorated in light colors, the designer opted for black chairs. The living room, meanwhile, is a small space with a comfortable sofa and an RTV cabinet with an interesting form.

Strefa wypoczynkowa

Rest area

Photo: Natalia Manczak

Intriguing juxtapositions in the bathroom

In the bathroom you will find a juxtaposition of two types of tiles. Base ones imitating stone, wrap from the floor all the way to the walls. Between these tiles, decorative tiles with an interesting striated texture and delicate veining of stone pass freely. The fluted tiles were also used as a strip of wall cladding in the kitchen.

W łazience użyto dwóch rodzajów płytek Płytki użyte w łazience

Two types of tiles were used in the bathroom

Photo: Natalia Manczak

Bedroom full of contrasts

In the bedroom, due to limited space, the architect opted for bulit in white furniture, which serves as a background for the rest of the furniture. The black-painted steel bed frame was juxtaposed with an upholstered headrest in warm gray.

Tapicerowany zagłówek łóżka Zabudowa meblowa

Upholstered headrest and furniture built-in in the bedroom

Photo by Natalia Manczak

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