Modern and spacious living area

07 of March '24

Earlier we looked at the bathroom arrangement ofan apartment in Warsaw's Mordor district. Today we present the living zone designed by Aleksandra Polakowska of Deer Design studio.

Otwarta strefa dzienna składa się z kuchni, jadalni i salonu

The open living area consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room

Photo: Zagórny Studio

A dream place

The investors were looking for an apartment where they would be able to stay between one trip and another, rather than live on a daily basis. In the end, they decided on a 128-square-meter apartment with an 87-square-meter terrace. The owners presented the architect with a clear vision for the interior. Above all, they wanted a space that was well thought out in terms of functionality. They wanted the living room to be as large as possible and connected to the kitchen. The apartment was to be modern, in the style of warmed minimalism.

Kuchnia została oddzielona od salonu lustrzaną ścianką

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a mirrored wall

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Play of textures and lights

Interesting visual effects were created throughout the apartment. Designer lamps in the living room contrast with more technical track lighting. Meanwhile, simple furniture juxtaposed with sculptural forms adds an elegant touch. Designer chairs are set at a modern table with a massive wooden top. Also worth noting is the whitewashed floor in the lounge area.

Architektka zastosowała designerskie oświetlenie Przy drewnianym stole stanęły oryginalne krzesła

The architect used designer lighting

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Open zone

According to the investors' wishes, the living room was combined with the kitchenette. However, it was subtly separated from the dining area by a wall. On the living room side, it was clad with mirrors cut into rectangles. This enhances the impression of spaciousness and optically enlarges the living room even more. Opposite the corner a decorative TV wall was arranged. Right next to it, against a background of black fins, stood the playing equipment. The whole is complemented by a low RTV cabinet.

Ściana telewizyjna została udekorowana tapetą

The TV wall was decorated with wallpaper

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Subtle colorful accent

The kitchen has an L-shaped plan. Although it is open to the living room, it has been slightly set back and discreetly hidden behind a mirrored wall. The divider on this side has been equipped with an oven, microwave and capacious cabinets. Such a solution allows the owners to stay with guests while preparing meals, while hiding the accompanying clutter. Neutral shades of the built-ins gently blend with walls of the same color. A colorful contrast is introduced here by the upper fronts above the cooktop. Their warm salmon color can also be found on part of the walls. This makes the kitchen cozy.

Łososiowe fronty tworzą delikatny kontrast z resztą kuchni

Salmon-colored fronts create a delicate contrast with the rest of the kitchen

Photo: Zagórny Studio

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