Modern kitchen in a natural setting

02 of February '24

The design is based on a combination of three modernist forms of furniture and three finishing materials.

Aranżacja kuchni łączy drewno, kamień i fornir

The kitchen arrangement combines wood, stone and veneer


The power of simplicity

The arrangement is based on geometry and simple lines. The tall kitchen cabinet was made of oak veneer with a brushed surface. It is worth noting its unique, original staining, which brings out the grain and softly refracts light. The door has been integrated with a handle made of natural wood, in the same finish.

Zabudowa została wykonana z forniru dębowego o szczotkowanej powierzchni Zabudowa posiada autorskie wybarwienie

The cabinet was made of oak veneer with a brushed surface


Beauty of nature

The design mixes three materials - stone, wood and veneer. The island's top is natural quartzite, where the anthracite background is softened by fuzzy streaks of gray veining. The fronts of the island, on the other hand, are covered with a deep matte lacquer of the same color as the countertop. These materials are united by naturalness and references to earthy colors, but not only. The aesthetic bond of the design is matte, sometimes only broken by the flash of steel appliances.

Blat wyspy kuchennej został pokryty naturalnym kwarcytem

The countertop of the kitchen island was covered with natural quartzite


Intuitive functionality

The kitchen island is quite wide. This allows us to access it from all sides. We can open the cabinets using a handleless slat system. On the other hand, spacious drawers with clever divisions allow us to easily sort kitchen equipment.

Szeroka wyspa pozwala na wygodne korzystanie z kuchni

A wide island allows for comfortable use of the kitchen


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