Mosaics - make the interior of your home a work of art

08 of February '22

Known for their beauty in ancient palaces and temples, they were once a sign of luxury. With an unlimited number of shapes and shades, this striking finish today is entering private living rooms with full momentum. Welcome to the world of mosaic, a material you can use to create personalized masterpieces throughout your home!

It started already before our era

The oldest examples of mosaic decoration date back to Uruk (now Warka) in Mesopotamia (Iraq) from the 4th to 3rd millennium BC. They cover the pillars and walls of the temple of the goddess Inana. After that, their popularity continued to grow, so this technique of decorating walls appeared in Greece and India, and then the Byzantine Empire, until it finally swept almost all over the world! Their shining beauty was valued for its decorative effect, which can be seen especially in many places of worship such as mosques, basilicas, but also in palaces.

Mosaic - what is it?

Traditionally, a mosaic is a decorative pattern or artwork consisting of small elements arranged in such a way as to form a pattern or image. Perhaps the most well-known materials for mosaic tiles are ceramic and porcelain - but these are not the only options for creating a stunning mosaic pattern! Individual mosaic patterns are very diverse and include many different tile materials, colors and shapes. Popular materials include glass, natural stone, metal and porcelain. Available shapes and styles include square, arabesque, mini brick, braided weave, hexagon, herringbone and others.

Not just for opulent palaces

Any combination of materials and shapes is perfect for creating stylish, intricate decorations in virtually any room. The most common are bathroom walls, shower and bath enclosures, fireplaces and even floors. Whether you want to add a modern touch to your kitchen or bring timeless charm to your bathroom, mosaic is a beautiful way to do it. However, glass mosaic is more than just a stunning decoration. In terms of performance, durability and hygiene, it offers an impermeable surface that inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria.

Gallery of inspiration

From a design perspective, glass mosaics offer wonderful opportunities to play with color, muted neutrals or bold bright ones. They also showcase a variety of special effects, from "hammered" metals, to frosted sea glass, to textures that mimic colored stone or fabric.

Odrobina elegancji dzięki czarnym akcencie ściany

A touch of elegance with black wall accents


Płytki w kształcie rybiej łuski mienią się prześlicznym morskim kolorem

Tiles in the shape of fish scales shimmer with a gorgeous sea color


Zieleń mozaiki urozmaica wnętrze nie tylko łazienki

Green mosaic diversifies the interior of not only the bathroom


Niebieski okrągły wzór nadaje ciekawego charakteru wnętrzu

Blue circular pattern adds an interesting character to the interior


Minimalistyczne wnętrza pokryte czernią i bielą — dzięki akcentowi mozaiki nie będą nudne

Minimalist interiors covered with black and white - thanks to a mosaic accent will not be boring


Plaster miodu w nowoczesnym wydaniu — to jest coś!

Honeycomb in a modern edition - this is something!


Development: Dominika Tyrlik

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