Naturalness with a touch of color. The apartment of interior designers from Kaminska Stanczak Design

30 of August '22

Subdued colors, large windows, noble materials and refined details - these are the characteristic elements of this interior. The 100-meter apartment is located in the Ażurowe Okiennic estate in Warsaw's Mokotów district.

Dzięki dużym przeszkleniom do mieszkania wpada mnóstwo światła

Thanks to large glazing, plenty of light enters the apartment

Styling: Eliza Mrozinska Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki

The room is as high as 290 cm. The designers decided to take advantage of this. The facade wall in the living area and bedrooms is entirely glazed, from floor to ceiling. Large windows naturally complement the space, letting in plenty of light.

Strefa wypoczynku

Relaxation area

Styling: Eliza Mrozinska Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki

The entrance hall is dominated by stately mirrored fronts, which reflect a fragment of the living area further down the apartment. The furniture cabinets were created according to an individual design. They are made of oak veneer and MDF. In the built-ins intended for clothing, motion sensor lighting has been installed. Meanwhile, in the utility buildings, sockets were hidden inside the bodies. The kitchen countertop was made of brushed granite.

Korytarz Hol


Styling: Eliza Mrozinska Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki

In this design, elegant accents in the form of French herringbone and wall panels were contrasted with modern, simple in its form, woodwork and hidden doors. The living area is made up of three spaces: a kitchen, a dining room and a relaxation area. Each of them has been clearly defined, but at the same time linked to the others to form one coherent whole.

Część dzienna

Living area

Styling: Eliza Mrozinska Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki

The color base is neutral beiges interspersed with natural wood and highlighted with stronger accents such as burgundy chairs and a black stone insert in the floor. The table was created according to the individual design of the architects. The furniture is made of oak veneer. The color scheme is complemented by gold accessories, the most distinctive of which are the sublime lamps that are a distinctive accent of the dining area.

Jadalnia Strefa jadalniana

Dining room

Styling: Eliza Mrozinska Photo: Marcin Grabowiecki

The night zone consists of three bedrooms. Soft carpeting is a distinctive, consistent element of these spaces. It also emphasizes their intimate, cozy atmosphere. As in the living room, LED lighting has been installed in the curtain rails. The bed, on the other hand, is covered with a top-grade fabric.


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Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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