One for a girl, the other for a boy. Children's room arrangements

29 of March '24

Karolina Poniatowska created a design for an apartment for a family with two children. The architect from the KOKA studio made sure that the interiors reflected the creative soul of the investor, who is a photographer.

Practical solutions

The first room is inhabited by a girl. The investors wanted the interior to be neutral, so that after adding a lot of toys, the arrangement would not be overwhelming. Karolina Poniatowska therefore opted for white combined with girly pastel pink and the addition of natural wood. The investors wanted a room with capacious built-in storage to accommodate all the things that are on top every day. Thus, the room included a large white closet. The furniture is combined with a simple desk. A delicate color break is an open shelf that is part of the built-in. This element has a light wood color. The shelf hanging above the desk refers to it in color. This makes the whole look consistent, but not monotonous.

Pojemna zabudowa przechodzi w biurko Pokój dziewczynki utrzymany jest w odcieniach bieli i różu

The capacious built-in goes into the desk

Photo by Agata Sawicka

Fairy tale dreams

On the other side of the room there is a bed. The simple piece of furniture is complemented by a striking pink canopy. Sleeping in such a place, the daughter can feel like a real princess. For decoration and safety, the architect lined the wall next to the bed with upholstered panels. The two areas are connected by a circular rug. This element not only decorates the space, but also provides another comfortable place to play.

Różowy baldachim nadaje wnętrzu bajkowego charakteru Właścicielom zależało na tym, aby aranżacja była stonowana ze względu na dużą ilość zabawek, które znajdują się w pomieszczeniu

The pink canopy gives the interior a fairy-tale character

Photo: Agata Sawicka

With long-distance travel in mind

The second room is a place for a boy. The inspiration for this arrangement was the safari theme. The main decoration of the interior is wallpaper depicting animals. It decorates the wall next to the bed. This element allows the son to move his thoughts to distant countries and plan future trips.

Tapeta za łóżkiem przedstawia zwierzaki

The wallpaper behind the bed depicts animals

Photo: Agata Sawicka

Different ways to store

On the opposite white wall, a distinctive color was painted in an arched shape. This form delineates a storage area with various types of open shelves. Another place to store all the boy's necessities is a capacious built-in cabinet. The furniture next to the door was decorated with fronts with ananimal motif.

Fronty zabudowy zdobi motyw zwierzęcy Łukowata forma wyznacza strefę do przechowywania

The fronts of the built-in are decorated with an animal motif

Photo: Agata Sawicka

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