Open kitchen in natural colors

16 of February '24

We have previously presented a bedroom design by Tomasz Polański. Today we take a look at a kitchen arrangement inspired by the Japandi style.

Kuchnia jest częścią strefy dziennej

The kitchen is part of the living area

Photo by Patryk Polewany

Open composition

The architect was tasked with creating an arrangement that emphasizes the spacious nature of the interior. The kitchen is part of the open living area, which also includes the dining room and living room. The annex integrates various functions. The kitchen island with a large sink and cooking area is not only practical, but also strategically placed. First, it cleverly separates the different zones in the living area. In addition, thanks to the fact that it is located between the kitchen built-in and the living room, while cooking we can observe what is happening in other parts of the living area and admire the view outside the window.

Dzięki umiejscowieniu wyspy, podczas gotowania mamy widok na całą strefę dzienną

Thanks to the location of the island, when cooking we have a view of the entire living area

Photo by Patryk Polewany

Inspired by the japandi style

Thanks to the use of subdued colors such as whites, beiges and grays, the whole room is cozy. This pleasant character of the interior is further emphasized by the use of natural materials. Warm wood is combined here with plaid, ceramics and dried plants. Subtle contrasts, on the other hand, were achieved by juxtaposing different textures and shades.

- The inspiration came from nature, as well as the harmonious combination of modernity with elements of Japandi style - describes Tomasz Polański.

Aranżacja łączy jasne barwy, ciepłe drewno, plecionki i płytki z motywem lastryko

The arrangement combines bright colors, warm wood, plaids and tiles with a terrazzo motif

Photo by Patryk Polewany

Balanced accents

The furnishings are also worth noting. A long kitchenette creates a functional working area. This layout and a large countertop make cooking easier. In addition, the distinctive built-in hood gives the kitchen a unique style. Two ornate lamps hang above the island, adding natural charm to the arrangement. The end of the built-in, on the other hand, has been transformed into a small sitting area. It's the perfect place for a quick coffee or checking recipes in the cookbook. Gray tiles with terrazzo motif add to the raw character. At the same time, it was balanced with the help of rounded furniture and natural-weave fabric curtains, which add softness to the room.

Na końcu blatu urządzony został kącik z krzesłem

A corner with a chair was arranged at the end of the countertop

Photo by Patryk Polewany

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