Blackboard paint - a simple and practical way to change your arrangement

02 of February '22

Everything you need to know before using blackboard paint

It's ideal for the children's room, where kids can do what they really like - create beautiful paintings on the walls. It will also work well in the kitchen, when you want to leave a morning note for the household members. But what do we need to know about blackboard paint before using it?

What is whiteboard paint

This is a paint thatturns a wall into a surface resembling a school blackboard. This allows us to write and draw on it using ordinary chalk or a special chalkboard marker. The surface of such a wall is washable, so we can write, paint to our heart's content, and then simply wash off with a cloth what we no longer need, thus changing the arrangement. It is also a great way to make an interesting use of a free wall in our house
Let's remember that blackboard paint is not the same as chalkboard paint! Such chalk paint only gives a proper matte finish to the paint and does not have the same properties as the blackboard paint in question. Let's be careful not to get confused.

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A wall covered with blackboard paint

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How to paint a wall with blackboard paint

Repair the imperfections of the wall

If the chosen wall has a texture, it is necessary to level it. If there are cavities in it, use joint compound and sandpaper in an effort to smooth the surface as much as possible.

Apply at least two coats

Yes, you know, black paint should cover the wall very well, but the more layers, the better the effect will be. More layers will also ensure better abrasion of the wall in the future.

Drying time

Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the paint in question when it comes to drying time. According to one of them, whiteboard paint should dry for up to three days before it is used.

Blackboard paint can come in different colors

If we always associate blackboard with the color black, but we do not want to use an exaggerated amount of this shade in interiors we have good news! This type of paint comes in a really wide range of colors - we can even consider the effect of colors on our mood. If we can't find a color that suits us in the basic pattern book, we can buy a slightly more expensive colored blackboard paint from a mixer.

Turn an ordinary blackboard into a magnetic one

If we want to make our wall even more functional, we can use magnetic primer together with blackboard paint! This magical liquid turns almost any surface into a magnetic one, so if we use it on the wall, we can hang pictures, magnets and anything else we like. Note: here, too, we will need atleast three layers to strengthen the magnetic attraction.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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