In the creative studio - the interior passion of Monika Blaszkowska

09 of February '22

She could say about herself - quoting the words of the iconic script: "I am a working woman, I am not afraid of any job." Her company Migaloo Home was born primarily out of a great passion for interior design- after all, she also did interior design. Monika Blaszkowska - for that is what she is referring to - is the owner and designer in her company, as well as ... contractor.

Inspiration straight from nature

Humbak Albino called by indigenous Australians Migaloo - literally translated means "white guest". It is this unique, extremely rare animal that became the inspiration and symbol of the brand. Ideas here are drawn directly from nature, which can also be seen in each of the products. The materials used for the furnishings are natural timeless and durable. This uniqueness and longevity is undoubtedly one of the company's main goals.

Wyjątkowe stoły z zatopionymi w żywicy blatu złotymi płatkami

Unique tables with gold flakes embedded in the resin of the tabletop

© Migaloo Home

Innovative ideas for hard times

One type of product from Migaloo is resin-finished furniture. The founder and her team have been working with this material for very many years, creating cabinets, tables and other custom furniture. This experience led Monica to invent and patent an unusual technology - and under what dramatic circumstances!

The table top is made with a combination of an environmentally friendly material - walnut shell waste from production. This organic "waist" is extremely durable - it won't scratch, it won't discolor, you can put a hot dish directly on it, it can be renewed over time - wiping it with a cloth soaked in canola oil, or sanded after years and used for life. In addition, it is completely waterproof and septic. I invented this technology on a covid bed, lying there with a suffocating fever, wondering what could be done to avoid throwing away, after 10 years of use, furniture made of furniture board that is already out of fashion, damaged and all soaked in formaldehyde. This shell is something unheard of ! It's never too late to change, so that we can enjoy many years of beautiful design and quality, so that our trash cans don't grow from swollen junk.


The table "Azure" will enliven any interior with its unique colors

© Migaloo Home

Not only furniture

As it was quoted earlier, Monika has many passions. In addition to furniture and inventing new patents, she also creates art - unique paintings made of amber. For the author, this amber is like a carrier of the earth's DNA, it contains a history about which we still know so little.

I create quite unusual paintings, for the creation of which I use, among other things, fossils, precious stones and amber, strange metals. I travel all over the world and collect my artifacts for such works - I also believe that they exude good energy.

For his works he often uses very sophisticated, extremely rare exhibits. A natural Agate brought from Brazil, an amazing bismuth acquired during the artist's trip to China - these are not all the highlights that one finds in these amazing abstractions.

Recently for my paintings at an international auction I managed to buy the tooth of a Megalodon prarekin, soon a work will be created with it.


"Stork" lamp inspired by the legs of a stork

© Migaloo Home

On stork legs

Undoubtedly, this is one of the projects with the most original design. It allows you to bring a bit of humor into the interior, and the bizarre shape will not let you take your eyes off it. Floor lamp "Stork " - is inspired by ...the legs of a stork! It is a real hit at international interior design fairs.

Wyjątkowa oprawa lampy nadaje klimatu

The unique setting of the lamp gives the atmosphere

© Migaloo Home

Monica has created her brand through her fantastic personality and work. In her work you can see the completeness - thinking through each stage of the product's life - and a unique sensitivity to the natural beauty around us.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

Photos and information courtesy of Monika Blaszkowska © Migaloo Home

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