Perfect combination of pink and white

02 of August '22

How do white and pink harmonize? Which accessories will go well with this look? How to separate the space using unique curtains. The latest realization by Aleksandra Hyz of Hyz projektuje created in cooperation with Aleksandra Mętlewicz answers these questions.

Kitchen with a mobile kitchen island

The most interesting solution in the kitchen area is a mobile kitchen island, which allows you to move freely throughout the kitchen. The island's top is a unique white color combined with a base in soft powder pink. The cabinetry is minimalist white with divided squares. The fixtures, as well as the lamps, are finished in gold.



Photo: Migdał Studio, © hyzprojektuje.

Bedroom and separated by a unique curtain from the living room.

In the bedroom, the attention is mainly drawn by a unique curtain in pink, in a slightly darker version than the one known from the kitchen island. The bedroom is a total domination of pink, combined with delicate white and gold accessories. In the living room, the standout element is a navy blue sofa with gold accessories.

sypialnia i salon

Bedroom and living room

Photo: Migdał Studio, © hyzprojektuje.


In the toilet you will find the same color scheme as in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. White, pink and gold in the form of accessories reign here. The attention is mainly drawn to the vertical high gloss ceramic tiles.



Photo: Migdał Studio, © hyzprojektuje.

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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