The most beautiful bedding designs by Polish designers

17 of February '22

Bedding is often the first thing we see when we cross the threshold of the bedroom. Not only can it set the atmosphere of the room, but depending on the fabrics you choose, it also helps to enhance your sleep comfort level. Here are some unique bedding designs by Polish designers.

Choose consciously

It's not just the choice of the right mattress that plays a key role when it comes to our sleep. The appearance of bedding and quality usually go hand in hand. Whether we like the feeling of pleasant coolness or cozy warmth when going to bed, it's worth investing in good quality bedding. It really makes a difference in the way we sleep. In addition, it is not without reason that in this article we cite only Polish brands that work with Polish designers. That way we can be sure that these are high-quality products. Here are some ways to decorate your bed with a beautiful bedding set.

The power of pattern

Choosing dynamic, patterned bedding will make it the focal point of the interior. The possibilities are vast, and Polish designers have heads full of great ideas. Earthy browns and grays mixed with oranges or yellows are just one of the suggestions!

Pościel AM I?

Bedding AM I? / pattern design: Pola Augustynowicz

© Foonka

Pościel Free Love

Free Love bedding / pattern design:Studio Marmolada Design



TERRAZZO bedding


Pościel SOFT VOID / projekt wzoru: Ada Zielińska

SOFT VOID bedding / pattern design: Ada Zielinska

© Foonka

Pościel Liquid Memory

Liquid Memory bedding / pattern design: Aleksandra Morawiak

© Foonka

Natural beauty

Drawing inspiration from nature is by no means a new idea, and the use of botanical-printed fabrics for sewing is gaining popularity. Unique nature-inspired bedding will complement any interior, whether modern or classic, adding originality. We can also match the bedding with other accessories, such as decorative pillows or curtains, which can be a striking and eye-catching accent to a simple, minimalist interior.


ALPINE meadow bedding

© Foonka

Pościel PLAŻA

PLAZA bedding

© Foonka

Pościel ŚNIEG

SNOW Bedding

© Foonka



© Foonka

Pościel SŁOMA

Bedding STRAW

© Foonka

In one tone

Bed linens in one color will help keep the interior minimalist. With deeply saturated colors, we will get a more assertive arrangement, and by choosing lighter tones - we will create a relaxing atmosphere. We can also mix and match quilts and pillows with complementary single-color sets of cotton sheets. We can also make such changes depending on the season - it will be an interesting variety for our interiors!

PURE – Pościel z czystej bawełny (pastelowy błękit)

PURE - Pure cotton bedding (pastel blue).


PURE – Pościel z czystej bawełny (ciemny szary)

PURE - Pure cotton bedding (dark gray).



Sunset and AQUA bedding / pattern design: Gosia Dziembaj

© Foonka

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

Photos and information courtesy of brands © Foonka and © HOP DESIGN

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