Born out of passion. Rooms for boys inspired by their interests

11 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Barbara Godawska of iHome Studio is responsible for the project.
  2. The realization was handled by PRW Design.
  3. The rooms were decorated according to the boys' interests
  4. The cabinetry was specially designed by the architect.
  5. More interesting information can be found on the home page of the PdD portal

We have previously presented the living area of an apartment in the newest part of Żoliborz Artystyczny. Today we look at two arrangements of children's rooms designed by Barbara Godawska of iHomestudio. PRW Design is responsible for their implementation.

Two worlds

The children's rooms differ in color schemes and decorative motifs, tailored to individual interests. However, they are united by the same aesthetics and the execution of all furnishings according to an individual design. Finished furniture includes only office chairs and smaller lamps. Even the ceiling lamps have been personalized. Also the carpets are woven by hand. Architect Barbara Godawska tried to make full use of the small space of the rooms. Including, to provide space for all the necessary clothes, teaching aids, toys and books. Thanks to the large number of closets, cabinets, open shelves and lockable compartments, there is no shortage of storage space. What's more, all items have their own place. And this, as we know, is the basis for maintaining order.

Zabudowa została specjalnie zaprojektowana przez architektkę Pokoje bazują na podobnym układzie

The cabinetry was specially designed by the architect

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

Private universe

The first room belongs to a boy interested in astronomy. The cosmos motif appears here as a decoration over the bed. Note the unusual lamp mounted on this wall. The balloon-shaped accessory brings to mind objects used by space agencies, but has the form of a typical children's toy. The room is dominated by deep green. It can be found on the upholstered panels, the bed and some of the storage furniture. The whole is complemented by the elements appearing in both rooms, namely white furniture with an interesting shape, a desk and a dark floor.

Ściana pierwszego pokoju została udekorowana motywem kosmicznym

The wall of the first room was decorated with a space motif

Photo: Ola and Michal Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

Resting among blocks

The second room was decorated in blue. It appears exactly on the same elements on which green was used in the previous one. However, the upholstered panels here take on a slightly different shape, creating a mountain-like decoration. The arrangement of the furniture is also different. Here the bed is located on one of the shorter walls. In keeping with the boys' passions, instead of a space motif, a wallpaper with a pattern of blocks is used on the wall.

W drugim pokoju dominuje kolor niebieski

The second room is dominated by the color blue

Photo: Ola and Michal Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

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