Japanese-style living room

18 of May '22

How to create a minimalist interior that is simultaneously cozy and functional? The answer is a relatively new trend called japandi, a unique hybrid of two worlds.

Meble w stylu japandi wyróżniają się intrygującą formą.

Furniture in japandi style is distinguished by its intriguing form

Photo: PNW Production © PEXELS

What is japandi?

Japandi is a unique combination of Scandinavian and Japanese style. It has developed thanks to the long-standing ties between Denmark and Japan. In both cultures, craftsmen are highly respected. Natural materials are also often used. The combination of the "wabi sabi" philosophy and Danish "hygge" is characterized by simplicity and minimalism. Nature and coziness are also important. The arrangement is to be modest, but thoughtful in every detail. In the interior in the japanese style does not appear any unnecessary detail. Subdued colors dominate here: black, beige, white, earth colors. Light colors are taken from the scandi style, darker shades come from the japandi style.

Minimalistyczna dekoracja utrzymana w neutralnych kolorach.

Minimalist decoration kept in neutral colors

Photo: PNW Production © PEXELS

Less is more

Japandi style is directly related to the philosophy of minimalism. More than quantity, it values quality. Living room decor just in this style is an ideal choice for people who are looking for peace and tranquility in their apartment. It is meant to be a sanctuary. An ideal hideaway from overstimulation. The interior is to be spacious, but not lacking in intimacy. Functionality is also extremely important. Furniture used in this type of room has neutral colors and original form. They are intended to create an atmosphere of warmth and harmony. Ideal for this are rattan chairs and armchairs. In the japandi style, contact with nature is extremely important. An interesting suggestion is lining the wall with wooden panels. Such an element will look great in the lounge area of the living room. Also important is warm, atmospheric lighting that gives a cozy character. We can choose a lamp with a bamboo or wooden shade, as well as lighting reminiscent of Asian lanterns.

Jako dekoracja świetnie sprawdzą się suszone kwiaty w oryginalnym wazonie. Jako dekoracja świetnie sprawdzą się suszone kwiaty w oryginalnym wazonie.

Dried flowers in an original vase work well as a decoration.

Photo: PNW Production © PEXELS

A distinctive element

Diversity, however, manifests itself in terms of materials and textures. We can combine rattan, bamboo wood and glass, clay and terra cotta. Much attention is focused on craftsmanship and design. You won't find a lot of trinkets and ornaments here. Instead, we focus on nature, such as pampas grass, and interesting forms. Handicrafts, original ceramics and vases with interesting shapes will be ideal. We can decorate the walls with a minimalist mirror. A great addition to give character to the interior will be unconventional pillows, for example, with elements of fur or tassels.

Różnorodne materiały i faktury są świetnym sposobem na urozmaicenie wnętrza utrzymanego w stonowanych kolorach.

Various materials and textures are a great way to diversify an interior kept in subdued colors

Photo: PNW Production © PEXELS

As it turns out, Scandinavia and Japan have more in common than you might think. It's high time to see how such a style will work in our interior.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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