Around the table - we choose chairs

12 of January '22

A chair is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house. It is also the piece of furniture that takes the most time to purchase. Because a chair should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable and durable. Get to know the chairs that BM Housing has on offer. We are sure that they will meet your expectations.

When buying chairs, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. First of all, what will they be used for. For sitting, it is known. But will they be dining chairs, or perhaps for work? Will we sit on it occasionally, only during Sunday dinners, or maybe every day, for several hours at a time? The second question is about the amount of space we dispose of. We have a large spacious dining room, so the chairs should be grand. They can have comfortable backrests and armrests. We won't have to slide them under the table top for easy communication. Or perhaps our table occupies a small annex between the kitchen and living room? In this case, we consider only models that will take up as little space as possible. The third criterion for selecting a chair is, of course, its appearance and beauty. We have two options to choose from. The first is the chair as a design that we want to highlight. We choose chairs that will attract attention. They are to attract the eye with an interesting form, distinctive color. Good news for supporters of this solution - dining chairs do not have to be the same. The idea of juxtaposing different models is a trend promoted by stylists and interior decorators for several seasons. We combine the old with the new, in different colors, with and without upholstery. Of wood, plywood, metal.
The second option is seats, which are supposed to blend unobtrusively into the style of the interior. They should be in color, form and style to match the rest of the living area arrangement. This is an elegant solution, and will work well in homes where fantasy and humor are not the dominant features of the interior design.
Little did we forget one more important criterion for choosing a seat. Are there children in the house? Will there be anyone rocking on the chairs we chose, rubbing
their hands against their upholstery, or maybe build bunkers out of them? We probably don't need to write that for a home with small children we choose chairs with a sturdy construction with easy-to-clean upholstery, for example, made of eco-leather. Ot, the charms of motherhood.

Don't stop the webbing model by BOLD MONKEY.

© BM Housing

Braided furniture is a hit of the last season - it is light, stylish and practical, for example, the Don't stop the webbingmodel by BOLD MONKEY. This is a beautiful, but also delicate chair made of beech wood and rattan. It looks wonderful solo. The perfect seat for a dressing table. Very feminine, kept in art deco style, it will be a big decoration of the interior.
Very comfortable and solid chairs are usually made of solid wood and have an upholstered seat. At BM Housing you will find designer models, whose designs are based on proven patterns that date back as far as the mid-20th century.

Krzesło Classic marki VITWONEN

Classic chair by VITWONEN

© BM Housing

If you like vintage, you will surely fall in love with the Classic chair by VTWONEN, made of walnut-colored wood with an upholstered eco leather seat.

Krzesła marki Banne

Twigs chairs by Dutch brand BANNE

© BM Housing

A model that would work well in Scandinavian-style interiors with light wood is the solid and very, very comfortable light ash wood chair (it can also be black) Twigs by Dutch brand BANNE. You will look at the back of this chair and immediately want to sit in it.

krzesła Magnus od DUTCHBONE

Magnus upholstered chairs from DUTCHBONE

© BM Housing

Equally comfortable, but with a more traditional form, are the Magnus upholstered classics from DUTCHBONE (we recommend these for stylish dining rooms) and the Backup metal ones by the aforementioned new brand BANNE, which are ideal for modern spaces.

krzesłą Mist firmy ZUIVER

Blue Mist chairs from ZUIVER

© BM Housing

Jolien ORANGE LINE chairs

© BM Housing

And chairs for small apartments? Lightweight ones, ones that can be easily slid under the table top? The selection of such practical chairs at BM Housing is large. There are upholstered chairs (and therefore soft and comfortable), such as the blue Mist by ZUIVER and the Jolien ORANGE LINE in a variety of upholstery colors - from bottle green to salmon to celadon. Anyway, there are many types of chairs from this collection. There are also models with armrests (these look good placed at the top of the table) and bar chairs - for the kitchen island.

Wire - modern metal chair by HKliving

© BM Housing

We know that at the end of January it's hard to think about lunch under a cloud, but spring will arrive before you know it. That's when seating that can be used outdoors will come in handy. In addition to rattan chairs, you can also think about metal braided chairs (these also work well indoors) such as Wire modern metal chair by HKliving. Don't be afraid of a hard seat. You can buy cushions for it, specially matched to the profile. All models of chairs can be found at BM Housing.

For more information, visit the company's page BM HOUSING on thePdD portal.

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