SKYFALL, or home in the clouds

22 of March '23

The latest project by Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt studio is called SKYFALL. Thanks to the use of mirror cladding, the building gives the impression of lightness, and the two blocks on top seem to levitate.

Original block

The house measures 310m² and is very traditional in its functional layout. The interior is divided into a private and a living area. Artistic variations apply to the body of the house itself, which looks different from each side. On the garden side, the most happens, because here the upstairs space is exposed, but when the owners need shade and intimacy - they can move the sheet like shutters on the side and on the garden side. An interesting feature is the outdoor lighting system. The architect abandoned the use of the popular "leds" and decided to illuminate the entire sheet metal from underneath. Thanks to numerous cutouts, the light is diffused, creating a kind of theater of shadows and artistic compositions on the sheet metal itself.

Why the name SKYFALL?

- When you look at the building from the front, these mirrored squares on the facade are arranged like a waterfall. They are on different planes, creating space. This gives us different reflections and the facade is not monotonous," says the architect.

Dwie bryły na górze wydają się lewitować

The two blocks on top seem to levitate

© REFORM Architect

A house that lives

- My role is to interpret dreams and transform them into a concrete project. For my investors, I create places that will meet all their expectations and even exceed their wildest imaginations. In the case of this project, I also fulfilled my dream, because I didn't want to blend the building into the surroundings, but to blend the surroundings and art into the architecture," says Marcin Tomaszewski.

In the design of the SKYFALL house, it was crucial to "apply" colors to the building. What does this mean in practice? With the season of the year and even the day, the color of the house changes.

- This building was supposed to be monochromatic, so in summer we have green leaves reflected in the facade, and in autumn - the house shimmers in shades of gold. There is no coincidence here," says Marcin Tomaszewski.

Fasada odbija otaczającą naturę

The facade reflects the surrounding nature

© REFORM Architect

In the clouds

Tomaszewski was inspired by the clouds depicted by Claude Monet. The architect took the facade of two, "suspended" masses as his canvas. It is his own interpretation of the painter's paintings. Tomaszewski covered them with white sheet metal, on which a pattern reflecting the clouds from Monet's paintings was laser-cut.

- I wanted to create a house that is dynamic. It changes according to the season. And at the same time it draws attention to itself - hence the idea for the clouds we see on the upper facade. It's all complete. Inspired by nature, which we have at our fingertips. We don't have to drive, to look for it. We just need to stop and give ourselves the space to see what surrounds us," the architect describes.

Blacha jest podświetlona

The sheet metal is illuminated

© REFORM Architect

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