Sliding doors - a breakaway solution!

18 of March '22

Properly selected sliding doors will not only help save space in a small studio, but also highlight the character of our residential interiors. Some can even become their main decoration. We can choose aesthetics from modern design, through more classic ideas, to rustic-style doors.

Why is it worth it?

These are versatile solutions. They will work well in both homes and offices, separate individual rooms, cover alcoves, storage rooms, as well as closets or closets. Depending on the model, we will be able to adjust them to our own needs.

Rozwiązanie dwudrzwiowe rozsuwane Drzwi przesuwne do łazienki

Two-door sliding solution andsliding doors for the bathroom

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The advantage and convenience will be the ability to adapt the doors to custom partitions and different types of installation. They can be both a curtain and a security device against uninvited guests, since we have the possibility to install various types of locks, such as sliders or latches. Therefore, they will work perfectly even as a bathroom door.

Properly installed, they will effectively soundproof the room and create an acoustic barrier at a level comparable to swinging models.

Sliding doors are also a solution that reduces the possibility of slamming, which will prove useful in interiors where the opening of windows results in frequent drafts. Then the lack of need to lock the sash can be a nice change in our daily life. In addition, it is possible to install elements that slow down when closing such doors. All this means that we can afford to use even a thin sheet of glass in the design!

Szklane drzwi wzmocnione elementami stalowymi Eleganckie drzwi przesuwne w kolorze białym

Glass doors reinforced with steel elements andelegant sliding doors in white

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What is worth knowing?

We can distinguish between single and double-door sliding systems, mounted on rollers, rails or carriages. We have the option of running the guide on the ceiling or on the wall. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to build in a steel cassette and thus hide the guide inside the wall. This will work well in minimalist and elegant interiors. On the other hand, if the rail is visible and disturbs the aesthetics of the room, it is worth installing a top bezel, which will hide the structural part.
When planning sliding doors, it is necessary to provide for the appropriate distance of their installation from the wall. You need to take into account interfering elements, such as the floor strip and contacts and light switches.

Material and style

To each according to his needs and taste. When designing such doors, we are limited only by our imagination.
Elegant interiors will take well to simple, subtle solutions. A carefully stylized leaf will be suitable here, for example, smooth wood finished in a light color. Classic forms of such doors are offered to us, for example, by the VOX brand. Certainly, doors made of glass, or glass reinforced with steel elements, will also work well.

Fans of Provençal, schabby chic or vintage styles will certainly like textured, wooden doors with a rough finish not only on the surface, but also on the hardware and structural elements.

Drzwi dwuskrzydłowe Fakturowane drzwi przesuwne

Double doors andtextured sliding doors

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In spacious rustic and loft interiors, sashes mounted on large rollers will look good. Often the screws used here will be strongly protruding and have a traditional hexagonal form. The material of interest for the door plane can be, for example, glass in the form of stained glass or aged sheet metal. Even their simplest form will certainly make a great impression on users. A more unusual design is proposed by Pinkstern.

Efektowne drzwi z wykorzystaniem surowego drewna Drzwi - lustro na rolkach

Striking doors using raw wood anddoor-mirror on rollers

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Aesthetic perception, will be affected by the smallest details. We can choose stand-off handles in the form of brass, steel or wooden handles, shells, or ornate knobs, or opt for a concave handle, that is, blended into the main material. Any of these solutions will emphasize or tone down the character of the door.

Development: Liwia Sus

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