Do smart solutions have a place in the bathroom?

20 of December '22

The idea of a smart home that automatically takes care of our safety and provides peace of mind is already well known to everyone. For years, designers and architects have been smuggling devices into interiors that save time, water, energy and money. But how do we adapt them to our bathrooms?



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Cleanliness and ecology

Smart solutions in the bathroom are meant not only to provide comfort and help save money, but above all to take care of health, protect against germs and improve the quality of everyday life. Smart bathroom equipment allows for contactless starting, automatic flushing or self-cleaning of bathroom appliances. A perfect example is the modern and high-tech solutions that dominate the toilet area. The most popular of these are certainly washing toilets. They help take care of intimate hygiene and are easy to clean. They also help save water. Such a toilet can be equipped with a special system that adjusts the flush to a reduced system by adjusting the drain valve. We can also add a special module that extracts contaminated air directly from the toilet bowl. Then, it is passed through a ceramic filter. Finally, the already purified air is forced back into the bathroom. Even greater hygiene will be ensured by choosing a touchless actuating button. It works similarly to touchless faucets. It does not need to be pressed or touched, so it is always clean.

Toaleta sterowana pilotem

Remote-controlled toilet

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A bathroom for special tasks

In addition to technologies focused on cleanliness and reducing water consumption, we also have solutions available to make using the bathroom easier. One of them is the LED orientation light. Placed under the push button, it provides discreet lighting when using the toilet at night. The light is triggered by a motion sensor, the operation of which can be adjusted via an app. Another interesting feature is an acoustic toilet divider. It protects against the sound of water noise. You should also consider a touchless sink faucet. It is infrared-activated, which saves a lot of water, as it only flows out when your hands are in the sensor area. Thanks to the fact that we don't have to touch the faucet, we don't transmit germs and viruses and avoid contact with germs and bacteria. We also do not leave fingerprints or soap stains on its surface, so it is easy to keep it clean. To intensify this effect, we can also opt for ceramics with a special antibacterial coating.

Toaleta ze światłem orientacyjnym LED

Toilet with LED orientation light

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