From an idea to... the coveted apartment

08 of December '21

The perfect apartment for a family

A family of three - a couple with a small son - had long dreamed of a new apartment. They dreamed of a future in the comfort of their own perfectly decorated four corners. With the help of a designer, their dreams can finally come true.

A four-room apartment in a Warsaw housing estate with an area of over ninety square meters. This is to be their future home! Although the developer has not yet finished all the work, but the stage before receiving the keys is the best time to plan the interior finishing. The couple knew well what they wanted and what style they liked, but it was necessary to put these visions in order. So they decided that the best way to create the perfect decor was to ask a professional for help. They chose interior designer Małgorzata Gorska-Niwińska of MGN Architectural Studio. After numerous discussions about the investors' tastes and needs, she presented a design that matched their ideas.


The cooking area is located so that it is not visible from the lounge area of the room. A wall here was protected with stone sintering, which looks almost like a work of art. A glazed display case for displaying elegant dishes and a wall cladding also made of decorative stone sinter give the high kitchen a living room character.


The layout of the rooms did not require drastic changes, however, the designer enlarged the small bathroom at the expense of the sizable bedroom next door. She focused mainly on functional, yet impressive interior design. Among other things, she proposed a kitchen built-in with a decorative design, which would be a kind of extension of the living room furniture, so that the practical function of the kitchen does not interfere with the representative character of the rest of the room, which in an open living space is important.


When designing the living room storage furniture, the architect paid great attention to details.
It is worth noting the curved side of the showcase with a structured form. It makes the whole development more attractive!


Beautifully veined stone sinter for lining part of the walls can be found in both the living room and the kitchenette. The entire floor surface is covered with wood parquet. The choice of uniform finishing materials served to unify the decor of the various zones so that they constitute a visual whole.

Another noteworthy design trick is the addition of decorative details to the interiors, which are furnished in a rather simple, modern style. These include, for example, stucco typical of old tenement houses, eye-catching lamps, beautiful wallpaper with a painterly flower motif or a table and chairs on bases of unusual shape. Such flavors introduce an intriguing element of contrast and add variety to the austerity of modernist decor. Above all, they give the apartment an individual character that sets it apart from many others.


The owners' bedroom is decorated with a gorgeous XXL floral wallpaper. A top with drawers - a desk and dressing table in one - was attached to the wall, which was covered with it. Stucco, gold lamps and a table, as well as an upholstered bed with an original form, give the bedroom a very elegant character, evoking associations with Parisian interiors.


The interesting color scheme of the decor was taken ... from the colors of the shoe. Malgorzata Gorska-Nivinska says with a laugh that her clients reach for various, sometimes original sources of inspiration, but never before have they been so surprising. The designer did not treat the couple's words as a joke, and the unusual suggestion was reflected in the implementation of the project. That's why the apartment is dominated by shades of light gray, from which accents of stronger colors - blue green and gold, which brightens and warms up the arrangement, are clearly cut off. We must admit that this is a very successful color palette. It is relatively calm, but not boring. Far from brightness, but intense. Simply perfect for everyday life.

pokój dziecięcy

Thesky on the ceiling, the bed under the "canopy" created by an alcove in the ingeniously designed closet - in such a charming room the owners' son can feel safe and develop his imagination.


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