Modern style combined with glamour!

08 of August '22

The interior designed by HOLA Design is a combination of modernity and delicate glamour style. What interesting things can be found in this space?

The arrangement designed by HOLA Design was located in Warsaw's Ursus district, more precisely, in Skoroszy. The project was commissioned by two investors, for whom it was important to combine modern style with delicate glamour and marble accents.

Gently desert Bathroom

In addition to the black radiator, white furniture and pink accessories, the total dominant feature of the space are the marble accents recalled earlier. In this case with a delicate beige and desert character. The lines and veining recall the lines created on the sands by the wind.

Łazienka Łazienka


Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry For The Mess!, © Hola Design

Bedroom with a strong accent

The defining element of the bedroom space is the almost aggressive wallpaper behind the bedroom's black headrest. It's a wallpaper with a pattern reminiscent of peacock feathers kept in a glamorous character. Dominant colors here are silvery-copper.



Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry For the Mess!, © Hola Design

Living room glamour

The living room is a space full of gray and white broken by red-orange color accents. A dark carpet was decided on the floor. The accessories create a diverse character of the space. From small sculptures, to flowers, candles and glass The dominant element is the utaj gray sofa.


Living room

Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry Za Bałagan!, © Hola Design.

Dining room with a touch of navy blue

The dining room was located behind the living room and next to the kitchen. A wooden table was placed in the center, around which dark navy blue chairs were placed. Also of interest are the silver balls of lamps used to illuminate this space.


Dining room

Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry For the Mess, © Hola Design.


The area used for preparing meals was separated from the dining room by a simple kitchen island with a gray color. Horkers have been attached to the island. The fronts of the kitchen development are in two different color tones. The lower part is dominated by white, while the upper part is concrete gray. The lamp above the island in the shape of a glass shade is interesting.

Kuchnia Kuchnia


Photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry Za Bałagan!, © Hola Design | photo by Yassen Hristov, styling by Sorry Za Bałagan!, © Hola Design

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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