Let's revisit the screens!

11 of August '22

The screen in modern homes is an element quite rare. And this is a pity, because in addition to its practical function, it is a very decorative piece of furniture. Its beauty and functionality make it work well in many spaces.

Parawan oddzielający strefę pracy od części kuchennej

Screen separating the work area from the kitchen area


Separated space

If we want to change the arrangement in a fairly quick way, just a screen can be a helpful solution. Depending on our needs, we can apply it in any way we want. It will look great both as an independent decoration and as a mobile partition wall. Thanks to it we can easily and efficiently divide a large interior, or cover up an uninteresting element that disturbs the aesthetics of our interior. We will use it to separate the work place, cinema zone, hide a closet area in the bedroom, or, for example, a play corner from a study area in the children's room.

The screen on the balcony, on the other hand, is a very simple and subtle at the same time way to separate yourself from the glances of neighbors. For variety, we can run vines of plants on the screen, or decorate it with string lights.

Parawan we wnętrzu

Screen in the interior

© Pexels

Space decorated

The screen will take care of our privacy and provide an original decoration. Often, after furnishing a room, we have the feeling that something is missing from it. Paintings, mirrors or interesting forms of lighting can complete the arrangement. A screen is also an excellent idea. Serving a purely decorative function, it can itself become a work of art and help to develop an uninteresting corner. Depending on the material it is made of and its form, it will help us emphasize the style of our apartment. Rustic, classic or, for example, glamorous - to each of them we will certainly match a suitable curtain.

Movable walls can be single, or multi-winged. Some are openwork, others are solid. They are made of a variety of materials. The most popular are those made of wicker, rattan, or light wood. They are usually easy to fold, so we can transport them in a clever way. Screens made from old narrow doors are becoming very fashionable.

Parawan wiklinowy S'ploty

S'ploty wicker screen

© Ewelina Lekka

A space shielded from the intense sun

This furniture can also serve as a shield from the sun. This is an interesting alternative to curtains, blinds or shutters. Openwork screens, on the other hand, are sure to captivate with their romantic character. They have an extremely light expression, dispense the sunlight shining through them and thus allow an extremely artistic scenery to emerge.

Dual-use wall

A portable wall can perform many additional functions. Set in the bathroom it will serve us as a hanger for individual clothes, in the room it will be perfect as a sentimental wall, on which we will attach photos of interesting events from our lives. In the children's room, on the other hand, an interesting solution is a screen with panels, which at the same time act as a chalkboard. Similarly, a cork board can also be incorporated into the frame of the screen, which can serve as a wall for pinning up important information.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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