Subtle transitions and simple forms in bathroom design

29 of February '24

Previously, we have already looked at the arrangement of the bathroom located next to the bedroom. Today we present another bathroom, which is a part of the apartment designed by Katarzyna Kraszewska.

Inspiration from nature

The apartment is located right next to a landscape park in Warsaw's Żoliborz district. So the architect took inspiration from the nature surrounding it. The entire interior is kept in earthy colors and dark wood. Such a palette creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. It's also the perfect backdrop for the artworks collected by the investors.

Ściany zostały pokryte drobnymi płytkami o heksagonalnym kształcie

The walls are covered with small hexagonal tiles

Photo: Tom Kurek

Invisible connections

A kind of leitmotif of this project are extremely subtle transitions. We can see them, for example, on the wall lined with tiny hexagonal white tiles. The architect juxtaposed them with grout in the same shade. Thanks to this, the texture of the wall is visible, however, the whole looks uniform. Another example is the long cabinet under the sink. The piece of furniture has no handles. Only when looking at it more closely, you can notice the doors, which blend in with the rest of the cabinet. The same solution was used in a large mirror hanging on the top of the wall. The lack of framing and the minimalist form make the division of the panel virtually invisible. The bathtub has also been subtly integrated into the rest of the arrangement. Its simple graphite finish blends seamlessly with the large-format tiles on the floor.

Subtelne przejścia sprawiają, że aranżacja wygląda spójnie

Subtle transitions make the arrangement look cohesive

Photo: Tom Kurek

Warm wood

The arrangement is warmed by dark wood. In addition to the cabinet under the sink, this material can also be found on the opposite wall. The simple sink is complemented by silver faucets and stone-look bathroom accessories. The carefully selected accessories create unique look of the arrangment. Above the bathtub we can find two graphics in simple black frames. The paintings contrast beautifully with the light background. Meanwhile, a large lamp hangs by the sink. This detal introduces an industrial element.

Ciemne drewno dodaje przytulności

Dark wood adds to the coziness

Photo: Tom Kurek

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