How does blogger Anna Tomaska-Szmaja live? We take a look inside her modern farmhouse style home

01 of December '23
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  1. The country house belongs to Anna Tomaska-Szmaja.
  2. The author of the blog "Od inspiracji do realizacji" designed the interiors.
  3. The house is decorated in the modern farmhouse style.
  4. The arrangement includes vintage furniture, decorations and accessories.
  5. More interesting information can be found on the main page of the PdD portal

Previously, we have already looked at Ania Tomaska-Szmaja's bathroom. Today we present the kitchen and living room of a country house owned by the blogger.

Rustic arrangements set on a modern base

Modern farmhouse style is a combination of romanticism, minimalism and rustic elements. Thus, it is ideal for creating a warm and cozy interior in a country house. The author of the blog "Od inspiracji do realizacji" decided to design her dream house in this style.

Krzesła w jadalni są spójne z tymi znajdującymi się przy wyspie

The chairs in the dining room are consistent with those at the kitchen island

© Tubądzin

However, this style is more than just a country house. It's easy to experiment with the modern farmhouse aesthetic, adapting it to our needs. We can boldly use our favorite modern designs and unusual materials to give our arrangements a practical and personal touch. This is what the blogger's home arrangement looks like. When arranging the interior, Ania was inspired by tradition. She sought out old furniture, decorations and accessories to set them on a modern base. Old and new are combined here in a harmonious whole.

Blogerka postanowiła urządzić swój dom w stylu modern farmhouse

The blogger decided to decorate her home in a modern farmhouse style

© Tubądzin

Comfortable and practical

The strongest emphasis was placed on the use of natural materials and colors referring to nature. Thanks to this, the interiors bring to mind vacations outside the city. An important role is also played by appropriately selected colors. The base of the decor is white, including walls, paneling, ceilings, furniture and textiles. In the living room you'll find durable porcelain stoneware tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. Such a finish is practical and very elegant. It works perfectly with underfloor heating. The same floor has been laid in the kitchen and hallway. The whole arrangement is complemented by accessories in natural colors. Warm beiges and cozy grays give the interior a rustic character.

W kuchni znajdziemy białą zabudowę w klasycznym stylu

In the kitchen you will find a white built-in in a classic style

© Tubądzin

Rustic kitchen

The kitchenette attracts the most attention. It has been equipped with white cabinetry in a classic style. The furniture is complemented by dark handles. The wall above the countertop was lined with white metro-style tiles. Combined with uniform grout , they create a monochromatic whole. The ceiling is decorated with light wooden beams, which emphasize the rural character. A sink placed under the window allows you to enjoy views during daily kitchen activities, while a beige-colored Roman blind provides privacy. A pantry is hidden behind a vintage-style wooden sliding door.

Za przesuwnymi drzwiami znajduje się spiżarnia

Pantry is hidden behind the sliding door

© Tubądzin

Kitchen island was placed in the center of this area. It is consistent with the rest of the development. However, it is distinguished by drawers equipped with wicker baskets, which emphasize the rustic character of the arrangement. Above the island are two glass lamps, which not only illuminate the space well, but are also a stylish decoration. On the living room side, the island is equipped with hockers that look like traditional white wooden chairs. Similar furniture can be found in the dining area which is just next to it. This makes a smooth transition from one part to the other.

Szuflady wyspy kuchennej tworzą wiklinowe koszyki Nad wyspą wiszą dwie zdobne lampy

The drawers of the kitchen island are formed by wicker baskets

© Tubądzin

Leisure away from the hustle and bustle of the city

In the living room we find another rustic element. It is a large capacious display case. The vintage-style wooden piece of furniture is consistent with the kitchen equipment. Right next to it, the blogger arranged a lounge area. It consists of a comfortable gray sofa and a wing chair in the same color. Spending time here, we can admire the terrace or watch the TV, which was placed on one of the living room walls. The TV wall was complemented by a black glass dresser, while the screen itself was surrounded by paintings in simple wooden frames. The graphics depict elements of rural nature.

Ekran telewizora otoczony jest obrazami W części wypoczynkowej znajduje się witrynka w stylu vintage

The TV screen is surrounded by graphics

© Tubądzin

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