Small apartment with feminine character

22 of December '23
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  1. The interior was designed by Anna Łuksza of the She-Art studio.
  2. The apartment has an area of 36 sqm.
  3. The kitchenette was designed in an L-shape.
  4. The wall in the lounge area is decorated with wallpaper with a floral motif.
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Architect Anna Łuksza from the She-Art design studio has furnished a small interior for a young tenant.

Valuable space

The apartment is only 36 sqm. The architect had to adapt the small space to the needs of the young owner, in such a way as to maximize the use of every square meter. Thus, the kitchen was arranged in the form of an annex, whose L-shaped built-in structure also defines the dining area. It is organized by a small round table. The choice of such a model made it possible to create a comfortable place for dining. At the same time, it does not take up too much space. As a result, it was possible to arrange a lounge area with a comfortable corner sofa. Minimized furnishings and simple forms of furniture added lightness to the arrangement.

Przy okrągłym stoliku może usiąść kilka osób, jednocześnie nie zajmuje on dużo miejsca

Several people can sit at the round table, at the same time it does not take up much space

Photo: Tomasz Markowski © Vasco

Colorful accent

In the living area, subdued and subtle beiges are harmoniously combined with vivid green. It can be found on the fronts of the kitchen cabinets and the wallpaper that decorates the wall behind the sofa. Everything is warmed by wood. It appears both on the clean sheet of the floor, the kitchen countertops and dining table. The arrangement is complemented by subtle gold-colored lamps, which like jewelry emphasize the feminine creation of the interior.

Zielone fronty zabudowy kuchennej harmonizują z tapetą

Green fronts of the kitchen cabinets harmonize with the wallpaper

Photo: Tomasz Markowski © Vasco

Feminine colors

In the bedroom, vivid green is replaced by subdued gray. This color can be found on the wall behind the powder pink upholstered bed. The ornate headrest of the piece of furniture blends beautifully with the stucco. In this room, the architect also designed tall built-ins. They were arranged in the shape of the letter L, just like the kitchenette. This allows all things to fit in one place. Part of the built-ins was also used for a dressing table.

Ścianę za łóżkiem zdobi efektowna sztukateria

The wall behind the bed is decorated with impressive stucco.

Photo: Tomasz Markowski © Vasco

Zabudowa w sypialni ma kształt litery L

The built-in in the bedroom is L-shaped

Photo Tomasz Markowski © Vasco

Simple and functional

The small bathroom was arranged in an equally ergonomic way. The traditional bathtub was replaced by a comfortable and easy-to-use shower. This saved a lot of space and made it possible to plan additional cabinets. The arrangement is subdued. It is dominated by a combination of wood with white and black. A distinctive element is the patterned tiles covering the shower wall.

Ścianę prysznica pokrywają zdobne płytki

The shower wall is covered with decorative tiles

Photo: Tomasz Markowski © Vasco

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