Playing with textures in toilet design

17 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Joanna Grotkowska of Deer Design is responsible for the design.
  2. The main element of this interior is structural tiles.
  3. Thanks to clever arrangements, the small room appears optically larger.
  4. The toilet is connected to the utility room.
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We have previously presented the living room and bedroom of an apartment with an impressive view of Warsaw. Today we take a look at the toilet arrangement by Joanna Grotkowska of Deer Design.

Dzięki sprytnym zabiegom aranżacyjnym niewielkie pomieszczenie wydaje się optycznie większe.

Thanks to clever arrangements, the small room seems optically larger

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Play of textures

A small toilet combines modernity with the charm of classic elegance. Each element of this space was carefully selected to create a harmonious and functional arrangement. Its focal point is the structured tiles that lined the walls. Their strong pattern creates an intriguing contrast with the smooth surfaces, giving the room depth. This impression is enhanced by the use of different shades of gray, which together create a harmonious palette. This makes the space appear more spacious. The furniture arrangement is a harmonious combination of fluted and smooth surfaces. This play of structures gives the room a dynamic feel, while maintaining stylistic consistency. A decorative fluted panel also appears on the wall behind the sink.

Strukturalne płytki nadają charakteru aranżacji

Structural tiles add character to the arrangement

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Bright side

The floor was covered with tiles with a white marble pattern. Such a floor finish brightens up the rather dark arrangement and creates an interesting contrast between the light tiles and the grays of the walls. White ceramics and gold details add freshness and elegance. Also worth noting is the impressive mirror with an irregular shape. Its intriguing form breaks the rectangular geometry of the room, adding to its diverse character.

Jasne elementy dodają wnętrzu świeżości

Bright elements add freshness to the interior

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Functional solutions

Even with this small area, it was possible to create quite a lot of storage space. This is because built-ins were used in all places where it was possible. Thanks to the use of different fronts, it does not overwhelm the space. Practical functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetics here.

The toilet is connected to a utility room maintained in the same style. This time the capacious built-ins have been finished with smooth fronts, which match perfectly in color with those used in the toilet.

Pomieszczenie gospodarcze pasuje stylistycznie do aranżacji łazienki

The utility room matches stylistically with the arrangement of the bathroom

Photo: Zagórny Studio

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