Toilet in deep blue

17 of October '23
w skrócie
  1. The author of the project is Karolina Dudek from the Ubierz Wnętrze studio.
  2. The navy blue wall is the focal point of the arrangement.
  3. The walls and floor were tiled with a marble pattern.
  4. White ceramics were juxtaposed with gold accessories.
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      Previously, we have already looked at the arrangement of the children's room, bedroom, bathroom and living area by Karolina Dudek of Ubierz Wnętrze studio. Today, we conclude our visit to the house in Kęty by presenting the arrangement of the second bathroom.

      A focal point

      The toilet was decorated in a modern and minimalist way. Already from the entrance our attention is drawn to the wall in an intense navy blue color. It is an element that gives character to the entire room. It was lined with longitudinal tiles arranged horizontally. As a result, they somewhat resemble a brick wall. To emphasize the distinctive color, the architect used grout in a similar shade. This gives the whole thing a uniform look.

      Granatowa ściana jest głównym punktem aranżacji

      The navy blue wall is the focal point of the arrangement

      © Ubierz Wnętrze

      Color contrast

      The remaining walls are covered with large tiles imitating white marble. They reach only halfway up. Such a treatment makes the interior not overwhelmed, and the space does not seem cold. This combination of colors and textures also emphasizes the contrast between navy blue and white. The upper parts of the walls and the ceiling are dominated by white. This makes the space appear larger and brighter.

      Ściany i podłoga zostały wyłożone płytkami ze wzorem marmuru

      The walls and floor were tiled with a marble pattern

      © Ubierz Wnętrze

      A classic duo

      White bathroom ceramics were juxtaposed with gold accessories. A rounded washbasin and an elegant faucet sit on a tiled countertop. Above them hangs a mirror in an ornate frame, the shape of which relates to the washbasin. This element optically enlarges the space and reflects light, which is particularly important in a room with one small window. Everything creates a harmonious composition, which combines modern functionality with elegant details.

      Biała ceramika została zestawiona ze złotymi dodatkami

      White ceramics have been juxtaposed with gold accessories

      © Ubierz Wnętrze

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      Compiled by:KATARZYNA SZOSTAK

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