Unique mezzanine

09 of May '22

Next to the former Mycielski's brewery, which is undergoing revitalization, a housing estate has been built, where the Miastoprojekty studio has realized arrangements in the climate of soft loft. How to combine various stylizations?

poznańskie mieszkanie to połączenie soft loftu i eklektyzmu

Poznan apartment is a combination of soft loft and eclecticism

Photo: Norbert Banaszyk, © Miastoprojekty

The heart of the house with a mezzanine

The apartment is on two levels. In the lower part, mainly living room, dining rooms and kitchens were located, while upstairs there was a place for a more private part - inaccessible to anyone but the household members. For the developer, the most important thing was to create a true impression of an interior that is used. It had to be a space to use, not just to look at. Hence came the idea to create a soft loft with an eclectic character.

In the living room, a simple walnut-colored parquet floor was decided upon. In the center is a small simple sofa, colorful chairs and a coffee table with a wooden top on metal legs. It is a space of calm and relaxation. A variety of engravings and paintings appear on the walls giving a subtle variety. Large and green plants also appear in this space.

salon jest sercem domu

The living room is the heart of the house

photo by Norbert Banaszyk, © Miastoprojekty

gently moving on

The dining room is located right next door, and has not been separated in any distinctive way. It is meant to gently correlate with the other spaces. A wooden table with black legs was placed here, which stands on a black and white carpet. Simple armchairs in light pastel colors were attached to the table. Above the table, a variety of black lamps of various shapes were chosen.

jadalnia znalazła się miedzy salonem a kuchnią

The dining room was placed between the living room and the kitchen

Photo: Norbert Banaszyk, © Miastoprojekty

black and white kitchen

Like the dining room, the kitchen was not separated from the rest of the living room in any distinctive way. All kitchen fronts were made in dark, deep black. The countertops opted for a delicate shade of wood. The blackness visible in the built-in cabinets is broken up by a white wall finished in delicate white broken by gray veins imitating marble.

kuchnia to zderzenie dwóch różnych kolorów

The kitchen is a clash of two different colors

photo by Norbert Banaszyk, © Miastoprojekty

unique mezzanine

What catches the eye in this interior is the stairs leading to the mezzanine. They have taken on a unique shape, rotating gently. The m ezzanine is connected to the higher level, where it was decided primarily to create a private space.

antresola to najbardziej wyjątkowy element całego założenia

The mezzanine is the most unique element of the whole establishment

photo by Norbert Banaszyk, © Miastoprojekty

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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