Unusual colors in a teenage girl room

07 of February '24

Katarzyna Szostakowska of the Kate & Co. studio created a room for a teenage girl. The design defies typical ideas about such rooms.

Feminine character

The apartment in Warsaw's Mokotów district was designed for a mother and daughter. Both love beautiful objects and natural materials. The architect opted for a luminous and soft elegance broken by raw wood, stone and ceramics.

We wnętrzu znajdziemy dużo ceramiki

In the interior you will find a lot of ceramics

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

An individual touch

There are two bedrooms in the apartment. The larger one was given by the investor to her daughter. This allows the girl to study comfortably at a large desk.

- I got full permission for her room not to be stereotypically childish. The teenager was open to a large „adult” bed and energetic colors, far from the typical pastels — says the designer.

Katarzyna Szostakowska stresses that the girl gave her opinion on every element of her room's design, so that the final arrangment was one hundred percent tailored to her needs and taste.

Ściany pokoju zdobi sztukateria

The walls of the room are decorated with stucco

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

Oblique forms and unusual colors

The main element of the interior is a large bed with a semicircular headrest. It was upholstered with soft teddy fabric, which adds coziness to the subdued interior. The white walls are varied with delicate stucco, adding a subtle elegant touch. Next to the bed, there is a rounded bedside table in khaki color. It's the perfect place to store necessary trinkets or the book you're currently reading. Right next to the table hangs a simple metal shelf in the same color. In the corner of the room hangs a lamp. The lighting combines the two dominant colors here — white and extinguished green. The fixture consists of a gold stem with a green ball and a white oblong element. Thus, the form of the lamp is somewhat reminiscent of beads, which is perfect for a girly arrangement.

Obok łóżka wisi półka, która jest idealnym miejscem na wyeksponowanie bibelotów

Next to the bed hangs a shelf, which is an ideal place to display trinkets

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

Subtle accents

On the other side of the room, a study corner was arranged. A simple but capacious bookcase will accommodate all the necessary textbooks and school supplies. A large desk is the perfect place for studying and creative work. To provide adequate light, a khaki-colored lamp hangs just above the furniture. Again, a delicate and feminine touch is introduced by the form of lighting. This time it resembles a spreading flower. Everything is complemented by a simple beige chair providing comfort during a long study. The entire room is filled with decorative ceramics, adding subtlety and a personal touch to the interior.

Lampa nad biurkiem przypomina kwiat

The lamp above the desk resembles a flower

Photo: Yassen Hristov Styling: Magdalena Chudkiewicz

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