French cuisine. Visiting the kitchen of architect Karina Snuszka

31 of October '23

Sunshine, figs and lazy Sundays. This is what life looks like in a house in the south of France owned by architect Karina Snuszka.

Dom architektki znajduje się na południu Francji

The architect's house is located in the south of France

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A happy coincidence

-  I searched for years for a sunny place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I wanted it to be in Italy, after all, I've known it since childhood, but it was Aquitaine that I fell in love with. And that house! One look was enough - recalls the architect and co-founder of the Mood Works studio.

Characteristic for southern France, more than 200-year-old property needed renovation.

- The kitchen underwent the biggest transformation. I created it anew, although I did not forget to preserve its historical elements. Respect and even minimal reference to the area and the history of the building is, in my opinion, the duty of a good architect - she confesses.

Wystrój nawiązuje do otoczenia

The decor refers to the surroundings

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Quality and aesthetics

The kitchen of the co-owner of the Mood Works studio is dominated by precious raw materials - wood and stone. However, it does not lack bold elements.

- I love to combine styles. On the one hand, this space is neutral, and on the other, there are elements of surprise - ruby-colored seat upholstery, a massive chandelier or a metallic refrigerator-freezer - describes the designer.

Nie brakuje tu odważnych akcentów takich jak rubinowe obicia siedzisk Architektka uwielbia gotować. Znajdziemy tu więc wiele lokalnych produktów i przetworów

There is no shortage of bold accents such as ruby-colored seat upholstery

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As she emphasizes, a kitchen should be a place where you simply want to be.

- Yes, aesthetics should be kept in mind, but the functionality of the place should not be forgotten. Good household appliances - refrigerator, stove, oven - are worth investing in - she says.

Oprócz aspektów estetycznych, architektka skupiła się na funkcjonalnym wyposażeniu

In addition to aesthetic aspects, the architect focused on functional equipment

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Meeting place

Karina Snuszka's kitchen is a place filled with the smell of freshly baked fig cake and local spices.

- I love to bake and cook. It's a form of relaxation for me. I love to host family, friends, and often our close and far neighbors. Although I like to sleep in for a long time, I enjoy those lazy Sunday mornings in the kitchen even more. In my pajamas, with a cup of coffee and a good book in hand.... with my partner - describes the architect.

Kuchnia została urządzona w taki sposób, aby mogła być miejscem spotkań z przyjaciółmi i rodziną

The kitchen has been decorated in such a way that it can be a meeting place for friends and family

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