Choosing a washbasin. Countertop mounted or furniture mounted?

24 of October '22

What kind of sink to choose? This is one of the first questions we ask ourselves when decorating a bathroom. So we'll take a look at the types available and what kind of bathroom each will fit into.

Matching the interior

Which type of sink we decide on is really a matter of our individual preferences. However, it is worth remembering that countertop washbasins are more exposed, making them a stronger accent in the overall arrangement. At the same time, a rounded model will add lightness and gentleness to our bathroom. On the other hand, a rectangular or square one will emphasize its modern, expressive, industrial flair.

Choosing a washbasin is one of the first things in designing a bathroom

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For small bathrooms

For owners of small bathrooms, small washbasins, which were designed specifically with this type of interior in mind, are ideal. The advantage of smaller models is that they do not overwhelm the bathroom with their size. However, like larger washbasins, they are equally functional, as they give us a capacious space under the countertop where we can store cosmetics and toiletries.

Small washbasin

Small washbasin

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Furniture washbasins

We can also opt for so-called furniture washbasins. These are models installed to the wall, which can be installed with a matching set of bathroom furniture. This is a very practical solution that lovers of simple, consistent and classic forms will love.

Furniture washbasin

Countertop washbasin

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Sinks for the family

If, on the other hand, we have a bit more space available in the bathroom, it's worth considering buying a wide double washbasin. This is a great solution especially for larger families. This way the children will never fight for access to the sink. In addition to furniture models, double washbasins placed on the countertop are also available on the market.

Double washbasin

Double washbasin

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Stylistic dot over the "i"

Functionality is one thing, but aesthetic considerations are equally important. In an ultramodern or glamour style bathroom, as well as one maintained in a slightly more vintage atmosphere, or even in an avant-garde art déco style, geometric forms will work perfectly. The most universal solution will be washbasins with a linear design, a gently rounded interior and contrasting, distinctive external lines. If, on the other hand, we want to decorate our bathroom in a distinctly minimalist style, it is worth considering ceramics with strong, expressive external lines, accompanied by soft, natural shapes inside the basin. The effect will be even more interesting if the cabinets under the sink are handleless. Inturn, for a cozy, somewhat rustic bathroom in the style of modern farmhouse, washbasins with soft, organic forms, which at the same time do not lack elegance and natural lightness, will be perfect.

Rounded washbasin will add lightness to the styling

A rounded washbasin will add lightness to the styling

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