Why do you need a brown couch?

15 of June '22

The selection of a lounge is the most important stage in the design of a living room. This furniture should be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Both these qualities are combined in the brown sofa.

Brązowa kanapa jest wyborem na lata

A brown sofa is a choice for years to come

photo Conscious Design © UNSPLASH

Advantages of a brown sofa

More and more often in Polish homes we see dark lounge furniture. No wonder, light-colored sofas look nice only a moment after purchase. With daily use, they quickly lose their charm. A brown so fa gets much less dirty, and the marks that have already formed are not so visible on it. Thus, it will be a great choice for families with children. A sofa in brown is also a purchase for years. Due to its classic appearance, we can use it even after a major renovation and change of interior style. It is enough to invest in new accessories. Moreover, such a timeless color will never go out of fashion. We don't have to worry that the model we bought after some time will look like from another era. A brown sofa is also a good solution if we want to warm up the room. Natural colors make the interior more cozy.

Brązowa kanapa będzie idealnym przełamaniem wnętrza w stonowanych kolorach

A brown sofa will be a perfect break in an interior with subdued colors

photo by Kara Eads © UNSPLASH

How to choose a sofa?

Before buying a sofa, you need to think about what functions it is to serve. Will the piece of furniture stand in a place used exclusively as a living room, or will it be used as an extra bed? In the second case, you should look around for a model with a sleeping function. The size of the room in which the sofa will be set is also important. In order to use the piece of furniture comfortably, you should leave enough space around it, and think about a coffee table and a lamp that will provide us with adequate lighting for evenings with a book. The next consideration is the positioning of the sofa. Should it face the TV, or should it be surrounded by armchairs, thus creating a seating area? You should also consider how many people will usually use the furniture. Will a two- or three-person model suffice? Or will we bet on a corner sofa? The last issue is the material. We can choose between elegant natural leather or the easier to maintain eco equivalent. Sofas with fabric upholstery, on the other hand, will give a cozy feel to the interior. Velour can also be an interesting choice.

Brązowa sofa będzie wyglądać idealnie we wnętrzu w stylu boho

A brown sofa will look perfect in a boho style interior

Photo: Katsia Jazwinska © UNSPLASH

Universal base

A brown sofa fits into virtually any interior design. In a boho climate, it will blend perfectly with natural colors and provide an intriguing contrast to bright elements. Juxtaposing a brown sofa with cream pillows and a beige rug, we will get a cozy lounge area. A sofa in a brown shade falling into orange will be perfect for a vintage-style room. Accessories in rust and green shade, as well as posters with fancy applications, will complete the styling. Scandinavian-style interior will also benefit a lot from placing a brown sofa in it. In a toned-down color arrangement, the furniture will become a focal point and an eye-catching break of monotony. For such a room it is worth choosing a model with a simple form. Loft interior is based on dark and austere accessories. That is why the sofa in brown will perfectly fit into this style. It will look especially good near a brick wall. For lovers of classics, a leather sofa with quilting in a dark color will be ideal. The traditional form of the sofa will look beautiful in the study against a bookcase full of books surrounded by antiques.

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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