With Krakow on the wall. A unique interior for rent

22 of August '22

The leitmotif of this interior is a unique map of Cracow, giving the whole interior a unique character. The project was created by the MIKOLAJSKAstudio studio.

The apartment was located in Cracow. It was intended for long-term rental. Designing such a space often requires a broader view and focus on financially optimal solutions, possibly easy to implement. It is also worth betting on style-neutral elements that allow easy adaptation for any tenant.

When making decisions related to the implementation of the arrangement, it is good to consciously choose the materials used. Although a better quality finish means a larger financial contribution at the beginning, it will be a long-term investment. However, if you are looking to save money, it is worth betting on cheaper movable furniture and elements that are relatively easier to replace. Especially in the case of an apartment that we plan to rent, it is worth investing in materials that are not necessarily luxurious but durable, since we do not know how they will be treated by tenants. In addition to quality, you also need to bet on functional and easy-to-clean solutions that will make everyday life easier for residents, but also cleaning after changing tenants, advises Ida Mikolajska, architect, co-owner of MIKOLAJSKAstudio.




Dining room and kitchen with motif of Cracow

The motif that totally dominates the dining room space is a wall mural with a motif of a historical plan of Cracow, probably from the interwar period. The black and white color scheme of the wall is in harmony with the wood, black and mint furnishings and kitchen accessories. The fronts of the built-in are a soft wooden color combined with hexagonal tiles. For the table, you'll find a simple metal built-in with small wooden tiles.


Dining room


bathroom in delicate wood

The bathroom space is a combination of delicate white tiles with a marble character - full of scratches and fillings, along with a wooden frame. A material resembling wooden panels fills the shower space. The cabinetry is minimalist and subordinated to function.

The bedroom, or private space

In the case of this apartment, the designers from MIKOLAJSKAstudio decided to delicately separate the bedroom with glazing in thick black frames. The private space may give the impression of transparency, but it is worth remembering the profile of the people for whom this space was intended, namely a single or a couple. Here we can find a large bed with a wooden headrest that composes with the wall. Next to the wood there was a natural concrete color.




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