Wood in the interior? This implementation shows how to do it right

12 of September '22

If wood is only natural! It was the naturalness and genuineness of the materials that was the main motive for creating this interior. In the Cracow realization of PRZESTRZENIE studio we can find many interesting solutions.

The interior located in Krakow is quite unusual. Here we can find a living room combined with an open kitchen. Above this part a mezzanine was located with a small study, next to which there is a bedroom.

The owner is in love with wood - its smell, color and texture. She wanted this interior to fit her. I value the genuineness of the materials, their authenticity. I shy away from imitations, so we understood each other perfectly. As soon as I crossed the threshold of this apartment, I knew that wood would perfectly reflect the character of the owner and would work well as the main element of this interior design. Hence the idea for wooden furniture, flooring and kitchen cabinetry, which flows seamlessly into the staircase," says architect Magdalena Daszkiewicz of PRZESTRZENIE studio.

Widok z antresoli

View from the mezzanine

Photo: Maciej Kulig © PRZESTRZENIE

Living room

The eclectic character of the living room is created by a unique weave of solutions - here we have a gray corner sofa, on which we can find many pillows. Next to it there is no shortage of diverse furniture - from an unusual chair to coffee tables and a palm tree. On the wall we can find abstract paintings. A piano and a bookcase with plants are also an important element.



Photo: Maciej Kulig © SPACES

Next to it we find a small dining room consisting of a wooden table and three chairs. The attention is attracted mainly by the kitchen built-in, partially developed under the stairs. On the floor it was separated by a strip of tiles adjacent to the parquet floor. Above all, the wood, present on all fronts, attracts attention. The effect is completed by white bricks and a black kitchen countertop.

Zabudowa kuchenna

Kitchen cabinetry

Photo: Maciej Kulig © PRZRZRZENIE

Peace and quiet

Wood doesn't leave our side even in the bedroom. The wooden parquet floor is combined with a wooden chest, bookcase, coffee table and bed. The effect is completed by rattan and wicker used for the casing and lamp. There is no lack of plants here - palm trees, heather or monstera.



Photo: Maciej Kulig © SPACES

Tiled paradise

Concrete tiles reign on the bathroom floor, but it's the white tiles that dominate here. Two patterns can be found here - simple white and delicate checkering. Above all, the effect of the bathroom is complemented by wood, visible in every part of the apartment!



Photo: Maciej Kulig © PRZESRZENIE

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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