Wrap your walls with upholstered panels

02 of January '23

Upholstered panels are not only an original decoration, they also make the interior more cozy.

Bordowe panele ścienne

Maroon wall panels

© Castorama

Upholstered panels are aesthetically pleasing solutions for finishing walls. They used to be known mainly for luxury interiors, usually bedrooms, where they played the role of headrests. Nowadays they are still used next to beds, while their use definitely goes beyond bedroom walls. They can be used in living rooms, children's rooms, dressing rooms or hallways. Various shapes and colors allow you to create individual, interesting compositions that will fit into any interior.

Panele tapicerowane w pokoju dziecięcym

Upholstered panels in a children's room

© Castorama

Popular DIY solutions are not only simple to apply, but can be both practical and beautiful. A small and quick change in a room can give it a unique character, and at the same time easily improve its functionality. A quick makeover using upholstered wall panels is the perfect idea for a New Year's makeover. You can make the composition of your dreams yourself with the help of mounting glue.

Panele ścienne we wzory

Wall panels in patterns

© Castorama

The use of upholstered panels gives not only an optical warming effect. The panels are made of MDF, sponge with the right density and high-quality fabric. This makes them an additional blockade of cold air, creating an insulating layer. What's more, the material is sound-absorbent, so it provides sound insulation. Wall panels can reduce noise by up to more than 70%. That's why they are ideal for a children's room.

Panele ścienne w sypialni

Wall panels in the bedroom

© Castorama

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