Zen-style bathroom

15 of February '24

Architect Joanna Węgłowska of the Decoroom studio was given the task of creating a space where future residents could feel the energy of nature and relax from the stimuli flooding in from everywhere. At the same time, functionality was high on the list.

In the spirit of zen

The apartment is located in the heart of Kępa Mieszczańska in Wrocław. On 68 square meters, the designer created functional interiors full of soothing zen. The premise of the project was to create a bright space, full of daylight with a minimalist, but cozy character.

Wnętrze inspirowane jest stylem japandi

The interior is inspired by the japandi style

Photo: Marek Koptyński Styling: Decoroom

Soothing arrangement

The bathroom combines minimalist design with functionality. The base of the arrangement is beige stoneware and white tiles with symmetrical grooves. Against this background, ceramics with simple forms look beautiful. The contrast is introduced by fixtures in the shade of matte black. The focal point of this room and at the same time the fulfillment of investors' dreams is a large, built-in bathtub allowing for real relaxation after a long day.

Inwestorzy pragnęli, aby w łazience znalazła się wygodna wanna

The investors wanted the bathroom to include a comfortable bathtub

Photo: Marek Koptyński Styling: Decoroom

Simplicity and functionality

The capacious woodwork was designed by Decoroom. The furniture is a nod to the japandi aesthetic, which is based on a durable and sturdy finish that combines beauty with order. Such optimized storage space allows for the reduction of necessary, but not very aesthetically pleasing accessories affecting the arrangement.

Wnętrze jest jasne i minimalistyczne

The interior is bright and minimalist

Photo: Marek Koptyński Styling: Decoroom

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