All shades of white. The living area of a Warsaw apartment

18 of May '23

Functional solutions, beautifully chosen off-white shades and lots of wood. This is how the project of Rosa Kaczmarek from Deer Design studio looks like.

Stół i rattanowe krzesła w jadalni Biała wyspa kuchenna

Table and rattan chairs in the dining room and a white kitchen island

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Harmony and elegance

The hosts bought a 70-square-meter apartment in developer condition. Right from the threshold of the spacious interior, we leave the bustle of the big city behind and can enjoy blissful tranquility.

- The investors wanted the interior to be elegant and cozy. An important aspect was to set aside space for storage and enlarge the living room, which is connected to the kitchen," the architect recalls.

Minor changes to the functional layout resulted in a spacious living area, a large hall, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a utility room. Thanks to custom built-ins designed and made by the Deer Wood carpentry studio, capacious closets were created in the hallway. In addition to the castling in the functional layout, the architect also used here a few tricks to optically enlarge the space. The living room gained additional meters thanks to the skillful use of mirrors and a light color scheme. The palette of white is accompanied by wood, warming the interior. The coolness of the off-white tones was complemented here by the warmth of the floor laid in French fir.

Aneks kuchenny oraz zabudowa w korytarzu

The kitchenette and the development in the hallway

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Styles subordinated to color

- Here we have a combination of minimalism with modern classic and subtle boho accents," says Róża Kaczmarek.

Everything intermingles, creating a harmonious whole. The element that organizes the space is color.

- Whites have been broken with pastels and cozy beiges and browns. They are intended to provide a base for accessories, to exude calmness. The dominant color is off-white, but there is no shortage of contrasting accessories in black," the architect emphasizes.

In turn, textures and patterns such as stucco on the walls and milling on the kitchen fronts are a nod to classic elegance in a modern edition.

Górny ciąg szafek jest frezowany

The upper row of cabinets is milled

Photo: Zagórny Studio

The heart of the house

- The living room with an annex is my favorite room in this interior. I like this space because of the light, textures, forms, ergonomic kitchen, elegance and minimalism. It's beauty hidden in simplicity," says Róża Kaczmarek of Deer Design.

In the living room, the main role is played by a comfortable sofa, the decoration of the dining room is a large table, around which stand chairs with rattan seats. The kitchen is separated from the rest of the room by a white island. The fronts of the furniture refer to it in color. Noteworthy here are the milling on the upper row of cabinets. They are a decorative element that adds depth and elegance to the interior.

- The most important thing in the kitchen was to get additional working space, so I planned an island. No less important was the symmetry of the entire development. Thanks to the use of two-level wall cabinets, we made maximum use of the storage space and obtained an attractive form of the whole unit," recalls Róża Kaczmarek.

The cabinetry was custom-designed by Anita Danilowska and entirely made in the aforementioned Deer Wood carpentry studio.

Wyspa wydziela strefy funkcjonalne pomieszczenia

The island separates the functional zones of the room

Photo: Zagórny Studio

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