Living area in blue

10 of November '22

The apartment is located in Wilanów district and is occupied by a family with two children. Malgorzata Zbierska, Emilia Schudy from the Monarchia Design studio carried out a comprehensive interior design of the living area. The changes made put the space in order and gave it a minimalist but cheerful character.

Nibieska zabudowa

Blue development

Photo: Maciej Dydyński, Emilia Schudy, Małgorzata Zbierska

The priority was to make changes in the functional layout of the difficult space of the living room, dining room and kitchen. Problems arose from the unusual shape of this space. The apartment is located in the gable end of the apartment building. As a result, it has exposure to three sides, which at the same time affects the positioning of the rooms. The challenging layout of the coupled interiors was compounded by the location of the kitchen. At a distance from the entrance, with communication routed through the center of the rest area. The existing functional layout was unergonomic and uncomfortable for the residents. The architects were asked to help align the functions and give a common character to the living area while keeping the existing kitchen.

Rzut architektoniczny

Architectural plan

© Monarchia Design

The designers decided to treat the interpenetrating functions smoothly, organizing them with convenient communication. The whole was tied together compositionally with blue buildings. This color is not a coincidence - residents love active vacations on Hel. The whole is complemented by playing with details in a palette of red and maroon.

Bordowe akcenty Bordowy fotel

Maroon accents

Photo: Maciej Dydyński, Emilia Schudy, Małgorzata Zbierska

Removal of the door from the corridor and wide opening of the living area resulted in its optical enlargement. This gained free penetration of amphilad interiors. The dominant feature that separates and connects the functions is a tall building. The blue color used on it flows smoothly from the corridor through the living room to the kitchen. The corridor in the background intensifies the impression of free space. The facade wall with large glazing has been freed from previous obstruction by furniture, giving the opportunity to freely access the balcony and windows, use low window sills and better illuminate the rooms thanks to their southern exposure.



Photo: Maciej Dydyński, Emilia Schudy, Małgorzata Zbierska

The sofa, previously placed under the windows, was placed centrally, but not in the passage. The living room gained an unobstructed view, access to the windows and a more intimate lounge area, cut off from the kitchen by view. The existing kitchen was refreshed, replacing the fluted fronts with simple, solid white and blue. The section of lower cabinets on the wall with window frames was also expanded to enlarge the work surface and gain new storage space.


Living room

Photo by Maciej Dydyński, Emilia Schudy, Małgorzata Zbierska

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