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House design with interior opening to the surroundings

Wiktor Bochenek

When designing a modern villa in Krakow, the main idea was to open the interior to the surroundings.

Due to the attractive northern view, including the Kosciuszko Mound, the building's living area is located on the first floor, and is illuminated by southern light thanks to a designated atrium. The atrium is fully private, providing the opportunity to create a common floor space with opening glass doors and providing access to the roof terrace.

On the first floor, numerous glazings open the recreation and leisure zone to the garden. The materials used on the facade include light wood, ceramic sinter and aluminum in dark graphite. External blinds have been used on the upper block, with which the amount of incoming light can be controlled and privacy from neighboring buildings can be ensured. The entrance to the building is accented by a tree, which forms the vertical axis of the building.

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