5 ways to organize your interior in Japandi style

23 of June '22

How to arrange an interior in Japandi style? What exactly is this style and why does it increasingly attract our attention? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating this interior.

Japandi style is a mixture of various ideas. In its aesthetics, it draws from the simplicity of minimalism, the naturalness of Scandinavian style, emphasizing the magic of the passing of Wabi-Sabi and the art of Kintsugi - the value of repairing. It focuses primarily on carefully selecting what to include in a given space, avoiding excess.

1. first knock out what is unnecessary

The Japandi style is primarily about avoiding unnecessary things. The idea is to find space more for your be than your have. If you want to introduce some Japandi elements into your life, start by knocking out unnecessary things and leaving only what you need.

warto zostawić otwartą przestrzeń

it's worth leaving the space open

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2. fixed is just as special

In this age of climate change, overproduction and materialism, we have learned to throw everything away. If you have already realized point one, it's worth considering the durability of things. If you break a plate, why not glue it back together? It's worth recalling the Japanese art of Kintsugi - which involves filling cavities with gold. We don't necessarily have to do it in this style, but it's worth thinking about repairing rather than buying.

Besides, wouldn't a damaged and then repaired item be a more interesting addition to our interior. After all, each destruction is unique.

Kintsugi to tradycyjna sztuka naprawiania z użyciem złota, ale możemy po prostu starać się nie wyrzucać

Kintsugi is the traditional art of repairing with gold, but we can simply try not to throw away

Photo: Gugger, © CC BY-SA 4.0

3. wooden and natural

Wood is an important element in a variety of interior styles. For Japandi, the most important thing is to go for natural - preferably without unnecessary layers of varnish. In Japandi, you should strive to appreciate the natural character of this unique material wherever you use it.

w tym przypadku najlepiej by drewno było naturalne

in this case, the wood should preferably be natural

© Butterfly Studio

4. plant addition

It is important to use additional plants and introduce them. This is not about creating the currently popular Jungle Room, where we are surrounded by hundreds of plants. In the case of Japandi, here, too, moderation should be exercised. It is worth betting on grasses.

Żywe lub suche kwiaty dopełnią charakteru wnętrza

Live or dry flowers will complete the character of the interior

Photo: PNW Production ©PEXELS

5. ceramics

In the case of ceramics, not only the utilitarian, but also decorative, it is worth betting on the simplicity of solutions. It is worth choosing simple designs, matching the interior. The lack of glazing can be very important here.

ceramika to istotny element Japandi — warto postawić na nietypowe i nieoszkliwione formy

Ceramics are an important element of Japandi - it is worth betting on unusual and unglazed forms

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