An apartment for a comic book fan

16 of November '23
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  1. The project was created by architects from the mDom studio.
  2. The apartment in a tenement needed a general renovation.
  3. The investor wanted the arrangement to be based on black, gold and images of superheroes.
  4. Because of the dog, a solid wooden floor was used in the apartment.
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Full of fantasy and passion, yet functional and suitable for the whole family. Such is the project of architects from mDom studio created for a fan of Marvel comics.

Modernity in historical walls

A major renovation of an apartment in an old building required the replacement of most installations. So it was a good opportunity to introduce smart home solutions. The smart system allowed to integrate all installations in a completely invisible way. The only thing that shows that modern solutions are hidden in the old walls are the touchscreen control panels. The owners cared most, about controlling the lighting and sound system. Lighting scenes allow to turn on entire lighting configurations that create the mood for watching movies, relaxing in the shower or having a family dinner, just by one click Numerous home appliances like a washer, dryer and refrigerator also work with the system. The functional layout of the apartment was changed during the renovation. Its unusual shape was the biggest challenge, because there are bay windows in the living room. The impression of spatial chaos was intensified by the slanted walls. Demolishing them and closing the open kitchen put the space in order. This gave the living room a better shape and a large wall for the screen.

W mieszkaniu zainstalowano system smart home Architekci postanowili zmienić kształt salonu

A smart home system was installed in the apartment

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Black, gold and images of superheroes

This was the investor's idea for the interior in a tenement in Łódź. The apartment is a space for him, his wife and child. Large amount of black used in this arrangement draws attention. This color can be found, among other things, in the woodwork and most of the built-ins. So Katarzyna Koszałka decided to play with materials and textures to avoid a look that would overwhelm the space. Gold-colored accents add elegance. There is a lot of striking wallpapers and other interesting coverings, such as leather and natural stone. Everything is complemented by a light wooden floor. Because of the dog and the active life of the whole family, a durable oiled and brushed plank was chosen.

Ze względu na psa zastosowano trwałą drewnianą podłogę Ściana z TV została obita panelami z czarnej skóry

Because of the dog, a durable wooden floor was used

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Meeting place

Most of the family life takes place in the living room, hence there had to be a place for a large sofa. Its arch-plan layout is conducive to social life, and at the same time masks the irregular shape of the living room. The coffee table with a black fusion glass top is large enough to successfully accommodate a board game, or snacks for an evening with friends. The TV wall is upholstered with panels of black leather, which improves the acoustics of the interior. Its character is emphasized by decorative brass slats placed on the sides. Everything is complemented by graphics with comic book characters.

Duża kanapa jest kluczowym elementem salonu

The large sofa is a key element of the living room

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Sophisticated kitchen arrangement

The kitchen is separated from the living room by built-in furniture in the form of illuminated display cabinets. Like the island, which serves as a table, and the upper cabinets over the kitchen draft, it is kept in black. Lightness is added to it by golden backlighting and fluted fronts, which break the uniform color. The champagne-colored lamps hanging over the island also fit into this look. The cooking area of the kitchen's interior has a light taupe shade. The countertop and the wall next to it is covered with a natural stone - black star galaxy granite with shiny flecks. The shelf above the countertop was also made of it. The wall above is decorated with a composition of black glass bricks. They were cut to order and their edges were milled. The upper cabinets located high up, under the ceiling, are designed to store things that are not used very often. The ceiling hood was also hidden there.

Aranżacja kuchni jest niezwykle elegancka

The kitchen arrangement is extremely elegant

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

A workplace filled with passion

The investor's home office is dominated by black. It serves as the backdrop for the original graffiti with comic book characters made by the artist. In addition to a desk and a comfortable gaming chair, there are shelves for a collection of comic books and figurines.

Gabinet inwestora wypełniony jest komiksowymi motywami

The investor's office is filled with comic book motifs

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Atmospheric bedroom

The arrangement of the bedroom was built using wallpaper. On the wall behind the bed there is a black facing with golden flowers from the Roberto Cavalli collection. At the door, we can see a single-color wallpaper with a fabric texture. Particularly noteworthy is the Italian veneer which was used to finish the cabinet. The grain pattern is beautifully highlighted with a touch of gold. Everything is complemented by a custom-made upholstered bed with a velour headrest.

Sypialnia została ozdobiona tapetami

The bedroom was decorated with wallpaper

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Unusual solution in the bathroom

In the spacious bathroom there was room for both a bathtub and a spacious shower cubicleA rain shower head and hydromassage allow to enjoy all of the benefits of the shower, especially since, thanks to led backlighting and a smart home system, you can choose the appropriate settings with a single button. It is worth noting the skillful use of different types of tiles, which visually emphasize the zoning. Large-format tiles with a pattern imitating marble were used by the bathtub. They remind us of the light reflections on the water surface. In the shower area you'll find a much simpler tiles with a pattern reminiscent of black granite. Chevron-shaped tiles were used on one wall. The countertop of the sink, just like in the kitchen, is made of stone. The vertical orange cabinet together with the pouffe looks like an exclamation point. They add a bit of color and dynamic accent.

Barwnymi akcentami łazienki są pomarańczowa szafka i pufa Prysznic został wyposażony w deszczownicę i dyszę do hydromasażu

The colorful accents of the bathroom are the orange cabinet and the pouffe

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

In the toilet, another cartoon graphic was hung above the sink instead of a mirror. Instead it was placed on the ceiling. Mirror enlarges the black interior and adds to its unique character. This impression is enhanced by the glass sink faucet. It was designed in such a way that the stream of water is shaped into a whirlpool and then trough its transparent spout, flows directly into the hands.

Nad umywalką znajduje się komiksowa grafika

Above the sink there is a cartoon graphic

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

Robot tales

A completely different atmosphere prevails in the light-filled children's room. Wallpaper and carpet introduce space and robotic motifs. Everything is complemented by sunny yellow accents. A bed in the shape of a house can serve as a hiding place while playing hide-and-seek. The furniture enclosure in the form of a platform with steps provides both storage and play space. It was covered with a mattress and the wall above it is lined with upholstered panels.

W pokoju dziecięcym znajdują się motywy nawiązujące do kosmosu i robotów Podest wyłożony materacem jest zarówno miejscem do przechowywania, jak i strefą zabawy

In the children's room there are motifs referring to space and robots

Photo: Budzik Studio Styling: Katarzyna Koszałka

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