Apartment inspired by the architecture of Podlasie

15 of May '23

The apartment is located in Warsaw, on the site of a revitalized historic factory in Białołęka. The owners dreamed up an interior inspired by Podlasie, which they associate with family home, slow living and nature. Jacek Tryc and Angelika Kłos are responsible for the project.

W mieszkaniu znajduje się dużo drewna

The apartment features a lot of wood

Photo: Tom Kurek

Inspirations from the Narew River

The arrangement of the 84-square-meter apartment is simple, but far from schemes. The project is part of the trend of combining vintage and modern elements. Investors and architects searched together for means of expression that would best reflect the climate of Podlasie. When creating the interior concept, Jacek Tryc decided on the style of old wooden architecture. The richly carved gables of wooden Podlasie houses became the inspiration for the decorative wall in the kitchen. The space of the Narew meadows translated into the simplicity of architectural solutions, which provide a background for wood, which is the leading theme of the interior. The materials used work beautifully with the lush greenery outside the windows.

Sypialnia z zabudową nad łóżkiem

Bedroom with built-ins over the bed

Photo: Tom Kurek

Wood in the leading role

The apartment consists of a living room with kitchen, study, hall, bedroom, children's room and bathroom. The kitchen is combined with the dining room and living room. Attention is drawn to the beautiful decoration above the worktop. A recurring motif of squares catches the eye, breaking the bright planes of the development. A chocolate brown wooden table was juxtaposed with contemporary black chairs. All the old furniture previously belonged to the investors. They were refurbished and used in the arrangement, perfectly matching the atmosphere of the more modern design elements. Throughout the apartment there is a theme of wood from demolition, having sentimental and aesthetic value. The grain drawing and surface irregularities bring a touch of imperfection to these spaces.

Ściana nad latem roboczym została udekorowana drewnem

The wall above the working summer was decorated with wood

Photo: Tom Kurek

Combination of old and new

The interiors are dominated by a neutral, bleached color scheme, so the eye immediately goes to the dark wood elements. The built-in furniture was custom-made, using beams from old barns. The gray corner unit blends well with the living space and kitchen. Modern architecture, embedded in trends, but in an unobtrusive way, meets here with organic, ecological materials. Thanks to carefully thought-out design treatments, coming home is an escape from the urban rush and information noise for the owners.

Łazienka została urządzona w stonowanych barwach W łazience również znajdziemy drewno

The bathroom was decorated in muted colors

Photo: Tom Kurek

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