An apartment inspired by New York

12 of January '23

The apartment's interiors evoke the essence of New York style - sophisticated design, subtle elegance and the vitality of a city filled with culture, art and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Fulfilling the dreams of the owners, Iwona and Wojtek, required prior thought and proper planning of the existing square footage.



Photo by Yassen Hristov

In the colors of the big city

The two-story apartment in Krakow's Bielany district is located on the top floor. Architects Krystyna and Ida Mikolajskie, together with their design team, balanced the proportions of contemporary design and luxury in the project, combining them skillfully with classics. The ideal way to start the conceptual work was the joint decision to choose a theme, using a deep shade of navy blue. It threads its way through the kitchen and bathroom fronts, then spreads comfortably across the furniture, wandering all the way to the bedroom interiors. Timeless forms, exude discreet beauty, blending perfectly with each other. The selection of architectural details in shades of gold, beige and gray, further emphasized the unique character of individual rooms, brightening darker planes and giving them elegance. Together, they form a perfect backdrop, to which the architects selected carefully considered furniture, stucco and lighting.



Photo by Yassen Hristov

An interior puzzle

The final result required the Nikolai's to make many changes in the layout of the rooms.

- This project was quite a challenge, because the apartment planned by the developer had a non-functional layout. Its change resembled putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle. The living room and entrance went first. In the original plan, the living area was entered directly from the elevator, which was not a very fortuitous solution, because it took up valuable space. So we designed a corridor with stucco, which is a harbinger of what awaits us in the rest of the apartment. We also enlarged the common space, eliminating one room, as this is where the family spends most of its time," says Ida Mikolajska of MIKOLAJSKAstudio.

Salon na piętrze Salon na piętrze

Living room on the first floor

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Living room

In the living room, attention is drawn to the decorative fireplace portal, which adds a completely new dimension to the interior. Candles and books were placed on the enclosure, a counterpoint to the dark sintering and the mirror with gold muntins. Decorative, ubiquitous stucco, in addition to softening the space between the walls, houses the whole, harmonizing with the lines of the furniture, coffee table and quilted chairs. The hospitable atmosphere, corresponding to the lifestyle of the owners, materialized here in the form of a beautiful oak table, made to order in one of the Polish manufactories.



Photo by Yassen Hristov


The two bathrooms are the quintessence of the sophisticated style of the bath rooms of wealthy New Yorkers. Both share a common denominator in the form of navy blue motifs on the wall and in the furniture built-ins. While the first creates a sense of discreet luxury, harkening back to the soft, bright hamptons style, the second, designed for guests, is a distinctive accent, bringing drama to the art-deco vibehere.

Łazienka Łazienka


Photo by Yassen Hristov

Greenhouse and terrace

The greenhouseupstairs has been arranged as a second, full-fledged living room, serving as a relaxation space for the family. The place delights with a view of the unobstructed blue sky outside the window, the forest and a glass terrace with lots of plants, reminiscent of a seaside setting. When decorating this space, only the necessary furniture was decided upon, which brings real value to the interior. A dark oak floor, laid in a classic French herringbone pattern, goes well with the navy blue sofa and armchair, while a storage compartment under the window hides a place for board games.



Photo by Yassen Hristov

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