Bold color combinations in an apartment in Warsaw's Bielany district

16 of November '22

The interior of the Mashroom studio's project combines bold forms with an unconventional color palette.

Strefa dzienna

Daily zone

© Maszroom

The interior was designed as a holiday apartment for a married couple with two young children. The family uses it when coming to Warsaw. On a daily basis, the investors live in San Francisco. The main design goal was to create an interesting place that stands out from other apartments, as well as to maximize the use of this small, although very interesting space.

Strefa relaksu

Relaxation zone

© Mashroom

Due to the fact that the owners of the apartment permanently live abroad, the entire design process was conducted remotely. Thanks to the turnkey finishing option, their presence on site was not needed. The service included preparation of the interior design, coordination of the renovation and finishing of the purchased apartment, i.e. full interior design. This solution provided the investors with maximum convenience. When they arrived in Poland for vacation, the apartment was ready.

Stół z krzesłami

Table with chairs

© Mashroom

The interior is dominated by clean lines, bold forms and a bold color palette. Natural materials and lots of accessories make the apartment very cozy and conducive to relaxation. Despite the use of many colors, the whole apartment is cohesive. The interior can serve both as a holiday apartment and a permanent residence.



© Mashroom

Originally, the interior consisted of two rooms and a tiny kitchen. In order to make the apartment more functional, the small room and kitchen were combined into a semi-open space, and the kitchen was moved to the living room. It was also possible to set aside space for work. A desk made of teak wood was hidden behind red doors. The shade of the wood was chosen to match the color of the furniture handles made of American walnut. The oval form of the door obscuring the desk is a repetition of the shape of the kitchen cabinet. Such references give rhythm to the whole interior.

Miejsce do pracy

A place to work

© Mashroom

The main distinguishing features of this apartment are the kitchen fronts and 3D cabinet fronts. All built-ins were custom-made according to the studio's design. The designer was keen to make sure that every element, even the smallest one, had a distinguishing feature. The heart of the relaxation area is a soft, comfortable sofa bed and a geometric black armchair, which is an interesting counterpoint to the marine-colored kitchen built-in.


© Mashroom

The entrance to the bathroom is hidden behind a wall of brown mirror, which adds depth to the interior. The color of the wallpaper used in the bathroom refers to the pink chairs in the living room. Ceramics of a soft gray shade were also chosen. Given the overall color scheme of this apartment, a classic white would not have been so subtle.



© Mashroom

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