Apartment over the roofs of Opole

21 of December '23
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  1. The apartment has an area of 160 sqm.
  2. The apartment is located on the top floor of a modern building in Opole.
  3. The interior design was created by architects from The Wall Architecture Studio.
  4. The floor throughout the apartment was covered with parquet.
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A young couple and their dog Igor previously lived in a tenament. They liked the climate of the old architecture so much that they decided to bring it with them to their new place. The spacious apartment is located on the top floor of a modern building in Opole. Its interior was designed by architects Jakub Flisiak and Patrycja Sliż of The Wall Pracownia Architektury.

Podłoga w całym mieszkaniu została pokryta dębowym parkietem

The floor throughout the apartment was covered with oak parquet flooring

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

Tenement house atmosphere in a new apartment building

The long corridor has been built in with closets on both sides, giving residents plenty of storage space. There is even a "secret passage" hidden in the built-ins. It leads to the pantry. We can also access it through the second door, which is located on the kitchen side. This way, investors can move groceries "in a shortcut": from the front door directly to the kitchen.

- We try to design spaces that are timeless, but not obvious. We bet on bold ideas. We follow trends, but we don't do it blindly. Our priority is the needs and feelings of investors -  describes Patrycja Śliż.

Wnętrze zostało urządzone w stonowanej kolorystyce Apartament zamieszkuje także pies Igor

The interior was decorated in subdued colors

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

laundry room was also hidden in the corridor built-ins. Next to the bedroom there is a separate dressing room. Two offices were created in the apartment because the owners work from home often. One of them houses a mini gym. The terrace, on the other hand, has been developed to comfortably and pleasantly spend time with a larger group of friends admiring the extraordinary views from the terrace.

Po obu stronach korytarza stworzono zabudowy Nad wanną w sypialni wisi dekoracyjna lampa

Built-ins were created on both sides of the corridor

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

A bit of nostalgia

The base of the arrangement is an oak parquet laid in a traditional herringbone pattern. It was made to order from oiled wood. The parquet was adapted for underfloor heating. So it is traditional and modern at the same time. It was used throughout the apartment, making the space look cohesive. The walls were painted with dirt- and abrasion-resistant paints, and finished with stucco reminiscent of historic interiors. The owners like natural materials. So in the apartment you will find a lot of wood. Not only on the floor, but on the walls too. The equipment is also dominated by solid wood appliances with a classic, simple form. They were specially made to order.  Natural stone was also used in the kitchen. It appears in the form of countertops, cladding the wall above it and the kitchen island.

W kuchni wykorzystano drewno i naturalny kamień

Wood and natural stone were used in the kitchen

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

Elegance in dark colors

The subtle beauty of natural materials is emphasized by a subdued color scheme. Off white, beige and black dominate here, harmonizing with dark wood and light stone. There are no flashy colors or strong contrasts in the apartment.

The owners were not afraid of arrangements using dark colors. So the architect used them in the bathroom. The walls and floor were covered with matte black tiles. The shower cubicle has tinted brown glass. Light seeps in here from a gap between the wall and the suspended ceiling. Lamps in the form of simple glass spheres match the round frameless mirror. Even the bathroom ceramics do not introduce contrast here. Patrycja Sliż abandoned the traditional white and opted for a shade of brushed black bronze.

W łazience dominuje czerń Na ścianach i podłodze znajdziemy matowe płytki

The bathroom is dominated by black

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

Among the clouds

The living room with floor-to-ceiling glazing gives residents the impression of being suspended
in the clouds. It also creates the possibility to observe amazing views up to the horizon. It's very bright inside thanks to glazing in as many as three walls. When the sun's rays seem too harsh, the interior can be slightly darkened by closing the gray, semi-transparent curtains. The impression of the room's brightness is enhanced by white walls, a large fold-out sofa in off white and carpets in a similar shade.

Salon posiada duże przeszklenia z trzech stron

The living room has large glass windows on three sides

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

A dose of extravagance

The owners value classics and tradition, but are not afraid of extravagance. For example, they decided on a solution that in Poland is still considered a bit eccentric, namely locating the bathtub in the bedroom. The free-standing black model fits into the arrangement of the room decorated in a dark color palette. The exposed part of the walls is clad with black large-format tiles, the same ones found in the bathroom. The wall behind the dressing table and round mirror is veneered. There are also walnut-colored wooden laths behind the bed with a quilted black headrest.

W sypialni znajduje się wolnostojąca wanna

In the bedroom there is a free-standing bathtub

Photo by Magdalena Łojewska | Vey Photography

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